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The Tigermoths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Arctiinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos


Thumbnail gallery Lithosiini (former Lithosiinae)

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This page is under construction. This means that at any time new species can be added. Please check this page now and then for more information

Monosyntaxis bimaculata (male)
Monosyntaxis bipunctata (male)
Monosyntaxis bipunctata (female)
Monosyntaxis arfakensis (m)
Monosyntaxis arfakensis (fm)
Monosyntaxis fojaensis (m)
Monosyntaxis fojaensis (fm)
Monosyntaxis honeyi (m)
Monosyntaxis honeyi (fm)
Monosyntaxis kobowrensis (m)
Monosyntaxis kobowrensis (fm)
Monosyntaxis kratkeensis (m)
Monosyntaxis persimilis (male)
Monosyntaxis persimilis (female)
Monosyntaxis postfuscata (fm)
Papuasyntaxis metallescens (male)
Papuasyntaxis metallescens (female)
Neosyntaxis warringtonella (male)
Neosyntaxis warringtonella (female)
Chrysoscota albomaculata (male)
Chrysoscota albomaculata (female)
Chrysoscota conjuncta (male)
Chrysoscota conjuncta (female)
Chrysoscota flavostrigata (female)
Chrysoscota vagivitta (male)
Chrysoscota vagivitta (female)
Chrysoscota vagivitta (female)
Oeonistis bicolora (male)
Oeonistis bicolora (female)
Oeonistis bistrigata (male)
Oeonistis bistrigata (female)
Oeonistis delia (male)
Oeonistis delia (female)
Oeonosia aurifera (male)
Oeonosia aurifera (female)
Oeonosia pectinata (male)
Oeonosia pectinata (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia abenaho (male)
Oeonosia cruda (male)
Oeonosia cruda (female)
Oeonosia lorentz (m)
Oeonosia lorentz (fm)
Semicalamidia owgarra (male)
Semicalamidia owgarra (female)
Semicalamidia owgarra f. castanea (female)
Striosia irrorata (male)
Striosia irrorata (female)
Poliosia umbra
Sinapex nigrilineata (m)
Sinapex nigrilineata (fm)
Sinapex nigriperifera (m)
Sinapex nigriperifera (fm)
Monochela grisescens (m)
Graphosia bilineata (male)
Graphosia bilineata (female)
Graphosia pachygramma (male)
Graphosia pachygramma (female)
Graphosia polylophota (male)
Graphosia polylophota (female)
Lambula aroa (male)
Lambula aroa (female)
Lambula bilineata (male)
Lambula bilineata (female)
Lambula laniafera (male)
Lambula laniafera (female)
Lambula bivittata (male)
Lambula bivittata (female)
Lambula castanea (male)
Lambula crispumcornuta (male)
Lambula crispumcornuta (female)
Lambula ophiocornuta (male)
Lambula ophiocornuta (female)
Lambula supioria (female)
Lambula flavobrunnea (male)
Lambula punctilinea (male)
Lambula punctilinea (female)
Lambula punctifer (male)
Lambula punctifer (female)
Lambula flavipuncta (female)
Lambula plicata (male)
Lambula keilyacornuta (male)
Lambula keilyacornuta (female)
Lambula aethalocis (male)
Lambula palliflava (male)
Lambula palliflava (female)
Lambula fuscibasis (male)
Lambula fuscibasis (female)
Lambula nigromarginata (male)
Lambula agraphia (male)
Lambula agraphia (female)
Lambula brunnescens (male)
Lambula contrastata (male)
Lambula contrastata (female)
Lambula flavistrigata (female)
Lambula flavogrisea (female)
Lambula nigrescens (male)
Lambula nigrescens (female)
Lambula orbonella (male)
Lambula arfakensis (male)
Lambula arfakensis (female)
Lambula cuprea (male)
Lambula cuprea (female)
Lambula biplagiata (female)
Lambula flavibasis (male)
Lambula flavibasis (female)
Lambula costiplaga (male)
Lambula longiductus (female)
Lambula marginata (female)
Lambula sibilensis (male)
Lambula sibilensis (female)
Lambula sibilensis (female) form
Lambula buergersi (male)
Lambula buergersi (female)
Lambula tristis (female)
Lambula vanrossemi (male)
Lambula vanrossemi (female)
Lambula albicentra (female)
Orieosia albigrisea (male)
Orieosia albigrisea (female)
Orieosia hypopolius (male)
Orieosia hypopolius (female)
Orieosia stenoptera (female)
Orieosia tetrastigmata (male)
Orieosia tetrastigmata (female)
Lambulodes albiterminalis (male)
Lambulodes albiterminalis (female)
Lambulodes brunneomarginata (male)
Lambulodes brunneomarginata (female)
Lambulodes sericea (male)
Lambulodes sericea (female)
Pseudilema ochracea (m)
Pseudilema ochracea (fm)
Scoliosia brunnescens (male)
Scoliosia brunnescens (female)
Hyposhada pellopis (male)
Teratopora agramma (male)
Teratopora agramma (female)
Teratopora haplodes (male)
Teratopora haplodes (female)
Teratopora meteura (male)
Teratopora unifascia (male)
Teratopora unifascia (female)
Blaviodes approximans (m)
Blaviodes arfakensis (m)
Blaviodes phaeocraspis (m)
Blaviodes ochracea (m)
Blaviodes albogrisea (m)
Blaviodes hampsoni (m)
Blaviodes laniata (m)
Blaviodes laniata (fm)
Blaviodes raanyae (m)
Blaviodes raanyae (fm)
Blaviodes schoutenae (fm)
Blaviodes virginea (m)
Blaviodes virginea (fm)
Blaviodes heringi (m)
Blaviodes heringi (fm)
Scoliacma adriani (male)
Scoliacma adriani (female)
Scoliacma suzannae (male)
Scoliacma suzannae (female)
Scoliacma albicosta (female)
Scoliacma aroa (male)
Scoliacma ligneofusca (female)
Scoliacma brunnea (male)
Scoliacma brunnea (female)
Scoliacma fuscofascia (male)
Scoliacma fuscofascia (female)
Nishada impervia (male)
Nishada impervia (female)
Nishada impervia (female, verso)
Nishada niveola (male)
Nishada niveola (female)
Nishada niveola (female, verso)
Chionatosia chionostola (male)
Chionatosia chionostola (female)
Parapelosia grisescens (male)
Parapelosia griscescens (female)
Lithopelosia euscia (male)
Lithopelosia euscia (female)
Blavipelosia schraderi (male)
Blavipelosia schraderi (female)
Blavipelosia costaepunctata (male)
Blavipelosia coataepunctata (female)
Blavipelosia angulata (female)
Blavipelosia tenebris (female)
Blavipelosia staatsi (female)
Blavipelosia habbemaensis (male)
Blavipelosia habbemaensis (female)
Blavipelosia armata (female)
Eugopelosia transnovaguinea (male)
Eugopelosia transnovaguinea (male)
Eugopelosia transnovaguinea (female)
Eugopelosia gaedei (male)
Eugopelosia gaedei (female)
Eugopelosia obscura (m)
Eugopelosia obscura (fm)
Eugopelosia milnensis (male)
Eugopelosia milnensis (female)
Eugopelosia nana (male)
Eugopelosia nana (female)
Tylanthes ptochias (male)
Tylanthes ptochias (female)
Teulisna bipunctata (male)

Teulisna bipunctata (female)

Eilema aurora (m)
Eilema aurora (fm)
Eilema fuscifrons (m)
Eilema fuscifrons (fm)
Eilema plana (m)
Eilema plana (m) verso
Eilema plana (fm)
Eilema testaceoflava (m)
Eilema testaceoflava (m) verso
Eilema testaceoflava (fm)
Eilema niveata (fm)
Brunia dorsalis (m)
Brunia dorsalis (fm)
Brunia ekeikei (m)
Brunia ekeikei (fm)
Cyana (Cyana) binigrofasciata (m)
Cyana (Cyana) transfasciata (m)
Cyana (Cyana) transfasciata (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) dentimarginata (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) simonthomasi (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) simonthomasi (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) tegyra (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) tegyra (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) tricolora (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) tricolora (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) trigona (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) trigona (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) metamelas (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) metamelas (fm)
Cyana (Clerck) posthyalina (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) thoracica (m)
Cyana (Clerckia) thoracica (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) thoracica (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) thoracica (fm)
Cyana (Clerckia) thoracica (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) albimarginalis (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) devriesi (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) nigroplagata (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) nigroplagata (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) basialba (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) basialba (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) gracilis (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) gracilis (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) inusitata (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) inusitata (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) inusitata (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) zwieri (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) zwieri (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) zwieri (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) melanoplagia (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) melanoplagia (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) melanoplagia (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) molbakon (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) ngata (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) punctistrigosa (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) punctistrigosa (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) aroa (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) aroa (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) brunnea (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) brunnea (fm)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) charybdis (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) charybdis (fm)
Cyana (Crypranaema) fumea (m)
Cyana (Cryptanaema) fumea (fm)
Cyana habbema (m)
Cyana habbema (m)
Diaconisia ochraceorufa (m)
Integrivalvia decussa (m)
Integrivalvia decussa (fm)
Integrivalvia dinawa (m)
Integrivalvia dinawa (fm)
Integrivalvia intensa (m)
Integrivalvia intensa (fm)
Integrivalvia nigrisparsa (fm)
Integrivalvia phoenicea novaguinensis (m)
Integrivalvia phoenicea novaguinensis (fm)
Integrivalvia rosacea (m)
Integrivalvia rosacea (fm)
Integrivalvia rutila (m)
Integrivalvia rutila (fm)
Integrivalvia sanguinea (m)
Integrivalvia sanguinea (fm)
Cyme anaemica (m)
Cyme asuroides (m)
Cyme asuroides (fm)
Cyme aroa (m)
Cyme aroa (fm)
Cyme biagi (m)
Cyme biagi (fm)
Cyme basitesselata (m)
Cyme citrinopuncta (m)
Cyme quadrilineata (fm)
Cyme coccineotermen (m)
Cyme coccineotermen (fm)
Cyme sexualis (m)
Cyme sexualis (fm)
Cyme miltochristaemorpha (m)
Cyme miltochristaemorpha (fm)
Cyme phryctopa (m)
Cyme phryctopa (fm)
Cyme pyraula (m)
Cyme pyraula (fm)
Cyme pyraula (m)
Cyme pyraula (fm)
Cyme pyrrhauloides (m)
Cyme pyrrhauloides (fm)
Cyme triangularis (m)
Cyme triangularis (fm)
Cyme laeta (m)
Cyme laeta (fm)
Cyme laeta (fm) (dark form)
Cyme reticulata (m)
Cyme reticulata (fm)
Cyme reticulata (fm) (dark form)
Cyme suavis (m)
Cyme suavis (fm)
Cyme xantherythra (m)
Cyme xantherythra (fm)
Cyme wandammenensae (m)
Cyme wandammenensae (fm)
Asura species with male antennae ciliate
Asura dentifera (m)
Asura dentifera (fm)
Asura flaveola (m)
Asura flaveola (fm)
Asura flavescens (m)
Asura unicolora (m)
Asura unicolora (fm)
Asura elongata (m)
Asura elongata (fm)
Asura ochreomaculata (m)
Asura ochreomaculata (fm)
Asura hieroglyphica (m)
Asura hieroglyphica (fm)
Asura pseudojosiodes (m)
Asura marginatana (m)
Asura species with male antennae pectinate
Asura dentiferoides (m)
Asura dentiferoides (fm)
Asura flavia (m)
Asura flavia (fm)
Asura pallida (m)
Asura pallida (fm)
Asura phaeobasis (m)
Asura costaesignata (m)
Asura costaesignata (fm)
Asura rhodina (m)
Chrysasura flavopunctata (m)
Chrysasura flavopunctata (fm)
Chrysasura meeki wollastoni (m)
Chrysasura meeki wollastoni (fm)
Acco albicosta (m)
Acco albicosta (fm)
Acco albipuncta (m)
Acco albipuncta (fm)
Acco bicolora (m)
Acco bicolora (fm)
Acco bicolora (fm)
Acco fasciata (fm)
Acco postmetallica (m)
Phacusosia xanthosoma (fm)
Micronyctemera fojaensis (m)
Micronyctemera fojaensis (fm)
Zygaenosia basalis (m)
Zygaenosia medialis (m)
Zygaenosia medialis (fm)
Zygaenosia flavonigra (fm)
Zygaenosia papua (m)
Zygaenosia papua (fm)
Zygaenosia immaculata (m)
Zygaenosia immaculata (fm)
Zygaenosia klossi (fm)
Zygaenosia fuliginosa (m)
Zygaenosia fumosa fumosa (m) [Numfor Isl.]
Zygaenosia fumosa flaviventris (m) [Biak Isl.]
Zygaenosia fuscimarginalis (m)
Zygaenosia fuscimarginalis (fm)
Zygaenosia melanoxantha (m)
Zygaenosia melanoxantha (fm)
Trichocerosia truncata (m)
Trichocerosia truncata (fm)
Trichocerosia variabilis f. discoidalis (m)
Trichocerosia variabilis f. discoidalis (fm)
Trichocerosia variabilis f. antemedialis (m)
Trichocerosia variabilis (m)
Chiretolpis ochracea (m)
Chiretolpis sinapis (m)
Chiretolpis sinapis (fm)
Schistophleps albida (m)
Schistophleps albida (fm)
Schistophleps bicolora (m)
Schistophleps bicolora (fm)
Schistophleps chamaitoides (m)
Schistophleps costimacula (m)
Schistophleps costimacula (fm)
Schistophleps hyalina (m)
Schistophleps noloides (m)
Schistophleps noloides (fm)
Schistophleps simillima (m)
Schistophleps simillima (fm)
Eriomastyx griseobasis (m)
Eriomastyx griseobasis (fm)
Eriomastyx latus (m)
Eriomastyx latus (fm)
Schalodeta fasciolata (m)
Schalodeta fasciolata (fm)
Crocodeta bivittata (m)
Crocodeta bivittata (fm)
Crocodeta erecta (m)
Crocodeta erecta (fm)
Crocodeta variegata (m)
Crocodeta variegata (fm)
Chlorogenia pallidimaculata (m)
Chlorogenia cholerota (m)
Chlorogenia cholerota (fm)
Chamaita buergersi (m)
Chamaita buergersi (fm)
Chamaita fascioterminata (m)
Chamaita metamelaena (m)
Chamaita metamelaena (fm)
Chamaita niveata (m)
Nudaria plagiata (m)
Siccia fasciata (m)
Siccia fasciata (fm)
Siccia pyralina (m)
Thermograptis rufizonata (m)
Thermograptis rufizonata (fm)
Eucyclopera minuta (m)
Padenia bifasciatus (m)
Padenia bifasciatus (fm)
Padenodes bizone (m)
Padenodes cuprizona (m)
Padenodes cuprizona (fm)
Padenodes unifascia (m)
Padenodes violinitens (m)
Garudinodes albofasciata f. albiceps (m)
Garudinodes albofasciata f. albiceps (fm)
Garudinodes albofasciata (fm)
Garudinodes bicolorana (m)
Garudinodes bicolorana (fm)
Garudinodes trizona (m)
Garudinodes trizona (m)
Garudinodes trizona (fm)
Paradohertya trifascia (m)
Paradohertya trifascia (fm)
Parascaptia biplagata (m)
Parascaptia biplagata (fm)
Parascaptia biplagata f. trifasciata (m)
Parascaptia biplagata f. trifasciata (fm)
Parascaptia variegata (m)
Parascaptia variegata (m)
Stenoscaptia angustifasciata (m)
Stenoscaptia angustifasciata (fm)
Stenoscaptia bipartita (m)
Stenoscaptia aroa (m)
Stenoscaptia dichromus (m)
Stenoscaptia dichromus (fm)
Stenoscaptia fovealis (m)
Stenoscaptia fovealis (fm)
Stenoscaptia niveiceps (m)
Chrysallactis aureorubra (m)
Chrysallactis aureorubra (fm)
Heterallactis aroa (m)
Heterallactis aroa (fm)
Heterallactis chrysopera (m)
Heterallactis chrysopera (fm)
Heterallactis phlogozona (fm)
Heterallactis semiconstricta (m)
Lobobasis niveimaculata (m)
Lobobasis niveimaculata (fm)
Scaptesyle buergersi (m)
Scaptesyle buergersi (fm)
Licnoptera crocodora (m)
Licnoptera crocodora (fm)
Chrysomesia barbicostata (m)
Chrysomesia barbicostata (fm)
Byrsia dotata (m)
Byrsia dotata (fm)
Neoscaptia albicollis (m)
Neoscaptia albicollis (fm)
Neoscaptia fascionitens (m)
Neoscaptia fascionitens (fm)
Neoscaptia basinitens (fm)
Neoscaptia poecila (m)
Neoscaptia collateralis (m)
Neoscaptia flavicaput (m)
Neoscaptia eurochrysa (m)
Neoscaptia eurochrysa (fm)
Damias aequalis (m)
Damias aequalis (m, dark form)
Damias aequalis (fm)
Damias albata (m)
Damias apicipuncta (m)
Damias androconiata (m)
Damias biguttata (m)
Damias biguttata (fm)
Damias bimaculata (m)
Damias germana (m)
Damias obliqua (fm)
Damias peraffinis (m)
Damias peraffinis (fm)
Damias postexpansa (m)
Damias postexpansa (fm)
Damias coeruleomarginata (fm)
Damias cupreonitens (fm)
Damias elegans (m)
Damias elegans (fm)
Damias marginipuncta (m)
Damias pseudogelida (m)
Damias pseudogelida (fm)
Damias bicolora (m)
Damias bicolora (m, syn. shawmayeri)
Damias metallica (m)
Damias calida (m)
Damias biakensis (fm)
Damias mixta (m)
Damias mixta (fm)
Damias postnigra (m)
Damias postnigra (fm)
Damias punctata (fm)
Damias simillima (fm)
Damias postvitrea (m)
Utriculofera aplaga (m)
Utriculofera utricularia (m)
Utriculofera variegata (m)
Macadumosia excisa (m)
Macaduma albata (m)
Macaduma recurva (m)
Macaduma suffusa (m)
Macaduma plagosus (m)
Macaduma tortricoides (m)
Macaduma micans (m)
Macaduma micans (fm)
Macaduma albilineata (m)
Macaduma fuliginosa (m)
Macaduma bipunctata (m)
Macaduma curvata (m)
Macaduma rufa (m)
Macaduma rufa (fm)
Macaduma lichenia (m)
Macaduma lichenia (fm)
Macaduma castaneogriseata (m)
Macaduma castaneogriseata (fm)
Macaduma castaneofusca (fm)
Macaduma costimacula (m)
Macaduma aroa (m)
Macaduma aroa (m, forma)
Macaduma foliacea (m)
Macaduma foliacea (fm)
Macaduma caprimimoides (fm)
Macaduma quercifolia (m)
Macaduma nigripuncta (m)
Macaduma fusca (m)
Macaduma rufoumbrata (m)
Macaduma rufoumbrata (fm)
Macaduma rufoumbrata (fm)
Macaduma rufoumbrata (fm)
Macaduma macrosema (m)
Macaduma macrosema (fm)
Tampea wollastoni (m)
Tampea wollastoni (m) ?
Narosodes fasciata (m)
Narosodes rufocostalis
Phlogomera bicolor (m)
Phlogomera bicolor (fm)
Notata zumkehri (m)
Notata zumkehri (fm)
Notata lambertsae (m)
Notata lambertsae (fm)
Notata sinnemai (m)
Notata sinnemai (fm)
Notata aurifimbria (fm)
Notata kokoda (male)
Notata kokoda (female)
Holocraspedon erkunin (m)
Holocraspedon erkunin (fm)
Meteugoa melanoleuca (m)
Meteugoa melanoleuca (fm)
Caprimimodes mimetica (m)
Caprimimodes mimetica (fm)
Celamodes rufotincta (m)
Eugoa conflua (m)
Eugoa conflua (fm)
Eugoa quadriplagiata (m)
Eugoa quadriplagiata (fm)
Eugoa dissozona (m)
Eugoa dissozona (fm)
Eugoa fasciata (m)
Eugoa fasciata(fm)
Eugoa perfasciata (m)
Eugoa perfasciata (fm)
Eugoa tricolora (m)
Eugoa tricolora (fm)
Eugoa sordida (m)
Eugoa sexpuncta (m)
Eugoa sexpuncta (fm)
Palaeotype submarginata (m)
Emelieana aureolineata (m)
Trischalis aureoplagiata (m)
Trischalis aureoplagiata (fm)
Trischalis connexa (m)
Trischalis iridescens (m)
Trischalis iridescens (fm)
Trischalis zahrae (m)
Trischalis zahrae (fm)
Trischalis subaurana (m)
Trischalis subaurana (fm)
Trischalis purpurastriata (m)
Trischalis splendens (m)
Stictane postpuncta (m)
Stictane bipunctata (m)
Prosiccia albescens (m)
Prosiccia trifasciata (m)
Prosiccia trifasciata (fm)
Darantasia caerulescens (m)
Darantasia caerulescens (fm)
Darantasia caerulescens (dark form, m)

Darantasia caerulescens (dark form, fm)

Darantasia xenodora (m)
Darantasia xenodora (fm)
Darantasia xenodora (dark form, m)
Darantasia tigris (m)
Darantasia tigris (fm)
Darantasia apicata (m)
Darantasia apicata (fm)
Darantasia apicipuncta (m)
Darantasia apicipuncta (fm)
Darantasia tenebris (m)
Darantasia tenebris (fm)
Darantasia punctata (m)
Darantasia punctata (fm)
Darantasia arfakensis (m)
Darantasia arfakensis (fm)
Darantasia emarginata (m)
Darantasia flavapicata (m)
Darantasia flavapicata (fm)
Darantasia nigrifimbria (m)
Darantasia nigrifimbria (fm)
Darantasia ecxanthia (m)
Darantasia ecxanthia (fm)
Darantasia cyanoxantha (m)
Darantasia cyanoxantha (fm)
Darantasia nigripuncta (fm)
Darantasia pateta (m)
Darantasia cyanifera (m) [Central Papua]
Darantasia cyanifera (fm) [Central Papua]
Darantasia cyanifera (pale form, fm) [C. Papua]
Darantasia cyanifera (pale form, fm) [C. Papua]
Darantasia cyanifera (m) [Foja Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (fm) [Foja Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (m) [Arfak Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (fm) [Arfak Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (fm) [Arfak Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (fm) [Arfak Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (band form, m) [Arfak Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (band form, fm) [Arfak Mts]
Darantasia cyanifera (band form, fm) [Arfak Mts]
Schaffersiana lobitornus (m)
Lambulosia aurantiaca (m)
Lambulosia aurantiaca (fm)
Lambulosia aurantiaca (f. pallicollor, m)
Lambulosia aurantiaca (f. mediosuffusa, m)
Lambulosia arabuensis (m)
Lambulosia brunnescens (m)
Lambulosia flavoradiata (fm)
Lambulosia metallescens (m)
Lambulosia metallescens (fm)
Lambulosia gemmata (m)
Lambulosia gemmata (fm)
Lambulosia nigrolineata (m)
Lambulosia nigrolineata (fm)
Lambulosia nigrotriangula (m)
Lambulosia nigrotriangula (fm)
Lambulosia obscurata (m)
Lambulosia punctilineata (m)
Lambulosia punctilineata (fm)
Heliosia aurantia (m)
Heliosia micra (m)
Heliosia crocopera (fm)
Eurosia bicolor (m)
Eurosia substrigillata (m)
Diduga albida (m)
Hemonia monochroa (m)
Hemonia simillima (m)
Hemonia simillima (fm)
Hemonia schistacea (m)
Hemonia schistacea (fm)
Hemonia schistacea (pale form, m)
Hemonia schistacea (pale form, fm)
Hemonia murina (fm)
Hemonia pallida (m)
Hemonia schistaceoalba (m)
Hemonia schistaceoalba (fm)



list updated on 7th January 2024