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The Tigermoths (Erebidae, Arctiinae, Lithosiini) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos




Teulisna bipunctata (Walker, 1866)

[Lithosia bipunctata Walker, 1866] [holotype: Mysol, Indonesia, probably in OXUM]

Corcura mysolica Swinhoe, 1892 [holotype: Mysol, Indonesia, probably in OXUM]
Ilema dinawa Bethune-Baker, 1904 [holotype: Dinawa, PNG, in BMNH]








STATUS: A common species. Occurs in lowlands as well as in highlands.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Misool Island; Waigeo Island: Camp Nok; Numfor Island; Supiori Island: Nansfori; Biak Island: Biak City; New Guinea: Andai, Base Camp (Wollaston exp.), Borme, Brazza River, Canoe Camp (Wollaston exp.), Dotir, Fakfak, Hotice Camp (Foja exp.), Humboldt Bay, Huri-Mber, Kouh, Kwerba, Lelambo, Mokwam, Nabire, Ninay Valley, Prafi, Rasiei, Senopi, Upper Setekwa River, Sorong, Utakwa River, Walmak. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Moluccas, Papua New Guinea.

DATA SOURCES: BMNH, CMWM, KSP, OXUM, RMNH, ZSMC. Literature (see below).







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