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The Wasp Moths (Erebidae, Arctiinae, Syntomini) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos


Thumbnail gallery Syntomini (former Syntominae)

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Amata alberti (male)
Amata aurofasciata (male)
Amata aurofasciata (female)
Amata huebneri
Amata huebneri (male)
Amata huebneri (female)
Ceryx ampla (female)
Ceryx formicina (female)
Ceryx puncta (female)
Ceryx swinhoei (male)
Eressa ypleta (male)
Hyalaethea dohertyi (male)
Hyalaethea attemae (female)
Hyalaethea obraztsovi (male)
Hyalaethea obraztsovi (female)
Pseudoceryx dohertyi (male)
Paralaethia subformicina (male)
Paralaethia subformicina (female)
Trichaeta aurantiobasis (male)



(list updated on 8th July 2012)