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The Emerald Moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos


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Aeolochroma albifusaria (m)
Aeolochroma albifusaria (fm)
Aeolochroma albifusaria (verso)
Aeolochroma viridimedia (m)
Aeolochroma viridimedia (fm)
Aeolochroma viridimedia (verso)
Aeolochroma intima (m)
Aeolochroma venia (m)
Aeolochroma prasina prasina (m)
Aeolochroma prasina prasina (fm)
Aeolochroma prasina spadicocampa (m)
Aeolochroma chioneschatia (m)
Aeolochroma chioneschatia (fm)
Aeolochroma purpurissa (m)
Aeolochroma purpurissa (fm)
Aeolochroma bakeri (m)
Aeolochroma languida (m)
Aeolochroma languida (fm)
Aeolochroma modesta (fm) PNG
Aeolochroma perviridata (m)
Aeolochroma perviridata (fm)
Aeolochroma saturataria (m)
Aeolochroma saturataria (fm)
Aeolochroma amethystina (m)
Aeolochroma amethystina (fm)
Aeolochroma subrubella (m)
Aeolochroma subrubella (fm)
Agathia subcarnea (m)
Agathia subcarnea (fm)
Agathia conjunctiva (m)
Agathia conjunctiva (fm)
Agathia prasinaspis (m)
Agathia prasinaspis (fm)
Agathia kuehni (m)
Agathia kuehni (fm)
Agathia obnubilata (m)
Agathia obnubilata (fm)
Agathia distributa (m)
Agathia pisina (m)
Agathia pisina (fm)
Agathiopsis basipuncta (m)
Agathiopsis basipuncta (fm)
Agathiopsis maculata (m)
Agathiopsis maculata (fm)
Agoschema goniata (m)
Agoschema goniata (fm)
Albinospila laticostata (m)
Albinospila laticostata (fm)
Albinospila syntyche (m)
Albinospila syntyche (fm)
Alloeopage cinerea (m)
Alloeopage cinerea (fm)
Berta albiplaga (m)
Berta albiplaga (fm)
Berta arfakensis (m)
Berta arfakensis (fm)
Berta chrysolineata (m)
Berta chrysolineata (fm)
Chrysochloroma electrica (m)
Chrysochloroma electrica f. rubritincta (fm)
Chrysochloroma electrica f. saturata (m)
Chrysochloroma electrica f. fuscimargo (fm)
Comibaena castaneata (m)
Comibaena mariae (m)
Comibaena mariae (fm)
Comibaena multigruma (fm)
Comibaena rhodonia (fm)
Comibaena viridifimbria (m)
Argyrocosma consobrina (fm)
Comostola cedilla (fm)
Comostola conchylias (fm)
Comostola inouei (m)
Comostola inouei (fm)
Comostola laesaria (m)
Comostola laesaria (fm)
Comostola leucomerata (m)
Comostola leucomerata (fm)
Comostola nereidaria (m)
Comostola nereidaria (fm)
Comostola orestias (fm)
Comostola rufimargo (fm)
Comostola rhodometopa (m)
Comostola rhodometopa (fm)
Comostola pyrrhogona (m)
Comostola pyrrhogona (fm)
Comostola ruficeps (m)
Comostola ruficeps (fm)
Comostola viridula (m)
Comostola viridula (fm)
Cymatoplex halcyone (fm)
Dioscore ancyla (m)
Dioscore pratti (m)
Dioscore bicolor (m)
Dioscore bicolor (fm)
Dioscore fulgurata (m)
Dioscore fulgurata (fm)
Dioscore homoeotes (m)
Dioscore homoeotes (fm)
Dioscore punctifimbria (m)
Dioscore punctifimbria (fm)
Dioscore melanomma (m)
Dioscore melanomma (fm)
Dioscore nereis (m)
Dioscore nereis (fm)
Dioscore thalassias (m)
Dioscore thalassias (fm)
Dysdamartia quaesita (m)
Dysdamartia quaesita (fm)
Dysdamartia quaesita (fm)
Dysphania centralis (m)
Dysphania imperialis (m)
Dysphania imperialis (fm)
Dysphania endoleuca (fm)
Dysphania snelleni (m)
Dysphania snelleni (fm)
Dysphania poeyii poeyii (m)
Dysphania poeyii poeyii (fm)
Dysphania poeyii poeyii (m)
Dysphania poeyii remota (fm) [Misool]
Dysphania poeyii remota (m)
Dysphania poeyii remota (fm)
Dysphania poeyii remota (m)
Dysphania poeyii remota (fm)
Dysphania tentans tentans (m)
Dysphania tentans tentans (fm)
Dysphania tentans schoutensis (m)
Dysphania tentans schoutensis (fm)
Epipristis rufilunata (m)
Epipristis rufilunata (fm)
Eretmopus marinaria (m)
Eretmopus marinaria (fm)
Eucyclodes absona (m)
Eucyclodes absona (fm)
Eucyclodes adornata (m)
Eucyclodes mimicaria (m)
Eucyclodes mimicaria (fm)
Eucyclodes polyleucotes (m)
Eucyclodes polyleucotes (fm)
Eucyclodes polyleucotes (m)
Eucyclodes albifinita (m)
Eucyclodes albinata (m)
Eucyclodes albinata (fm)
Eucyclodes taminata (m)
Eucyclodes taminata (fm)
Eucyclodes decorata (m)
Eucyclodes decorata (fm)
Eucyclodes delectabilis (m)
Eucyclodes delectabilis (fm)
Eucyclodes desolata (m)
Eucyclodes gracilinea (m)
Eucyclodes gracilinea (fm)
Eucyclodes eranna (m)
Eucyclodes bifuscata (m)
Eucyclodes rufipunctata (m)
Eucyclodes rufipunctata (fm)
Eucyclodes viridissima (fm)
Eucyclodes muscosa (m)
Eucyclodes muscosa (fm)
Eucyclodes albifusa (m)
Eucyclodes albifusa (fm)
Eucyclodes albiguttata (m)
Eucyclodes callistica (m)
Eucyclodes commaculata (m)
Eucyclodes diazeuxis (m)
Eucyclodes diazeuxis (fm)
Eucyclodes longidentata (m)
Eucyclodes stellifera (m)
Eucyclodes scintillans (m)
Eucyclodes scintillans (fm)
Eucyclodes albilauta (m)
Eucyclodes albilauta (fm)
Eucyclodes bicolor (fm)
Eucyclodes aphrias (m)
Eucyclodes aphrias (fm)
Eucyclodes flavilinea (m)
Eucyclodes flavilinea (fm)
Eucyclodes goniota (m)
Eucyclodes goniota (fm)
Eucyclodes griseonotata (m)
Eucyclodes isogamia (m)
Eucyclodes isogamia (fm)
Eucyclodes orbimaculata (m)
Eucyclodes stellata (m)
Eucyclodes stellata (fm)
Eucyclodes beatrix (m)
Eucyclodes extravagans (m)
Eucyclodes extravagans (fm)
Eucyclodes sexmaculata (fm)
Eucyclodes veniplaga (m)
Eucyclodes veniplaga (fm)
Eucyclodes valescens (fm)
Eucyclodes lithocrossa (m)
Eucyclodes lithocrossa (fm)
Eucyclodes diversifimbria (fm)
Eucyclodes iridescens (m)
Eucyclodes iridescens (fm)
Eucyclodes iridescens (fm)
Eucyclodes nigrimaculata (m)
Eucyclodes pieroides (m)
Eucyclodes pieroides (fm)
Eucyclodes lenis (m)
Eucyclodes subliturata (m)
Eucyclodes subliturata (fm)
Eucyclodes subnigrata (m)
Eucyclodes subnigrata (fm)
Eucyclodes subvenusta (m)
Eucyclodes subvenusta (fm)
Eucyclodes viridistriga (m)
Eucyclodes polyglena (m)
Eucyclodes pulchella (m)
Eucyclodes pulchella (fm)
Gigantothea flavimargo (m)
Gigantothea flavimargo (fm)
Gigantothea gigas (m)
Gigantothea minor (m)
Gigantothea minor (fm)
Hemithea insularia (m)
Hemithea insularia (fm)
Hemithea wuka (m)
Hemithea wuka (fm)
Hemithea obscurata (fm)
Hemithea subflavida (m)
Hemithea subflavida (fm)
Hemithea sequestrata (m)
Hemithea sequestrata (fm)
Hemithea subaurata (m)
Hemithea subaurata (fm)
Idiochlora celataria (m)
Idiochlora celataria (fm)
Hypodoxa corrosa (m)
Hypodoxa corrosa (fm)
Hypodoxa ruptilinea (m)
Hypodoxa ruptilinea (fm)
Hypodoxa emiliaria (m)
Hypodoxa emiliaria (fm)
Hypodoxa leprosa (m)
Hypodoxa leprosa (fm)
Hypodoxa lichenosa (m)
Hypodoxa lichenosa (fm)
Hypodoxa multicolor (m)
Hypodoxa multicolor (fm)
Hypodoxa regina (m)
Hypodoxa regina (fm)
Maxates albitaenia (m)
Maxates albitaenia (fm)
Maxates spumata (m)
Maxates spumata (fm)
Maxates bicolor (m)
Maxates bicolor (fm)
Maxates commixta (fm)
Maxates smaragdina (fm)
Maxates submixta (m)
Maxates submixta (fm)
Maxates viridaurea (m)
Maxates viridaurea (fm)
Maxates sublustris (m)
Maxates caudipunctata (m)
Maxates coerulea (m)
Maxates coerulea (fm)
Maxates imitans (m)
Maxates imitans (fm)
Maxates nubecula (m)
Maxates nubecula (fm)
Maxates atrapophanes (m)
Maxates atrapophanes (fm)
Maxates balteata (m)
Maxates balteata (fm)
Maxates eumixis (m)
Maxates eumixis (fm)
Maxates orthodesma (m)
Maxates orthodesma (fm)
Maxates papuensis (m)
Maxates papuensis (fm)
Metallochlora decorata (m)
Metallochlora decorata (fm)
Metallochlora exorista (fm)
Metallochlora lineata (m)
Metallochlora lineata (fm)
Metallochlora meeki (m)
Metallochlora militaris (m)
Metallochlora neomela (m)
Metallochlora neomela (fm)
Metallochlora venusta (m)
Metallochlora venusta (fm)
Olerospila oleraria (m)
Olerospila oleraria (fm)
Mixochlora radiata (m)
Mixochlora radiata (fm)
Oenochlora imperialis (m)
Oenochlora imperialis (fm)
Oenospila flavifusata (m)
Oenospila flavifusata (fm)
Ornithospila psittacina (m)
Ornithospila psittacina (fm)
Ornithospila succincta (m)
Ornithospila succincta (fm)
Orothalassodes absimilis (fm)
Orothalassodes simplex (m)
Orothalassodes simplex (fm)
Oxychora assimilis (m)
Oxychora dentilinea (fm)
Oxychora batis (m)
Oxychora batis (fm)
Oxychora ruficincta (m)
Oxychora spilota (m)
Oxychora spilota (fm)
Pingasa angulifera (m)
Pingasa angulifera (fm)
Pingasa meeki (m)
Pingasa meeki (fm)
Pingasa blanda (m)
Pingasa blanda (fm)
Pingasa nobilis (m)
Pingasa nobilis (fm)
Pingasa chlora (m)
Pingasa chlora (fm)
Pingasa lariaria (m)
Pingasa lariaria (fm)
Pingasa venusta (m)
Pingasa venusta (fm)
Prasinocyma angiana (fm)
Prasinocyma bicolor (m)
Prasinocyma bicolor (fm)
Prasinocyma corolla (m)
Prasinocyma corolla (fm)
Prasinocyma ruficulmen (m)
Prasinocyma ruficulmen (fm)
Prasinocyma rufistriga (m)
Prasinocyma rufistriga (fm)
Prasinocyma consobrina (m)
Prasinocyma ruficosta (m)
Prasinocyma intermedia (m)
Prasinocyma intermedia (fm)
Prasinocyma latistriga (m)
Prasinocyma latistriga (fm)
Prasinocyma deviata (m)
Prasinocyma deviata (fm)
Prasinocyma flavilimes (m)
Prasinocyma flavilimes (fm)
Prasinocyma vagabunda (m)
Prasinocyma vagabunda (fm)
Prasinocyma vagrans (m)
Prasinocyma vagrans (fm)
Prasinocyma angulilinea (m)
Prasinocyma albiseriata (fm)
Prasinocyma seminivea (fm)
Prasinocyma nivisparsa (m)
Prasinocyma nivisparsa (fm)
Prasinocyma annexa (m)
Prasinocyma coerulea (m)
Prasinocyma coerulea (fm)
Prasinocyma debilis (m)
Prasinocyma debilis (fm)
Prasinocyma delicata (m)
Prasinocyma delicata (fm)
Prasinocyma dioscorodes (m)
Prasinocyma dioscorodes (fm)
Prasinocyma glauca (m)
Prasinocyma glauca (fm)
Prasinocyma marina (m)
Prasinocyma infirma (fm)
Prasinocyma mistifrimbria (m)
Prasinocyma nictata (m)
Prasinocyma philocala (m)
Prasinocyma philocala (fm)
Prasinocyma exililinea (m)
Prasinocyma exililinea (fm)
Prasinocyma vagilinea (m)
Prasinocyma vagilinea (fm)
Prasinocyma vestigiata (m)
Prasinocyma vestigiata (fm)
Prasinocyma indentilinea (m)
Prasinocyma serratilinea serratilinea (m)
Prasinocyma serratilinea ultima (m)
Prasinocyma bipuncta (fm)
Prasinocyma geometrica (m)
Prasinocyma caniola (fm)
Prasinocyma periculosa (m)
Prasinocyma periculosa (fm)
Prasinocyma discata (m)
Prasinocyma tryphera (m)
Prasinocyma discoprivata (m)
Prasinocyma discoprivata f. semidiscata (m)
Prasinocyma florediscata (m)
Prasinocyma perpolluta (m)
Prasinocyma polluta (m)
Prasinocyma polluta f. bicornuta (m)
Prasinocyma votiva (m)
Prasinocyma votiva (fm)
Prasinocyma eichhorni (m)
Prasinocyma dentatilineata (m)
Prasinocyma dentatilineata (fm)
Prasinocyma fragilis (m)
Prasinocyma fragilis (fm)
Prasinocyma fraterna (m)
Prasinocyma fraterna (fm)
Prasinocyma geminipuncta (m)
Prasinocyma geminipuncta (fm)
Prasinocyma tripuncta (fm)
Prasinocyma inturbida (fm)
Prasinocyma marginepunctata (m)
Prasinocyma minutipuncta (m)
Prasinocyma minutipuncta (fm)
Prasinocyma obsoleta (fm)
Prasinocyma pomonae (m)
Prasinocyma tenera (fm)
Prasinocyma punctilligera (m)
Prasinocyma punctilligera (fm)
Prasinocyma punctulata (m)
Prasinocyma punctulata (fm)
Prasinocyma ruficollis (m)
Prasinocyma ruficollis (fm)
Prasinocyma rudipunctata (m)
Prasinocyma rudipunctata (fm)
Prasinocyma signifera (fm)
Prasinocyma sororcula (m)
Prasinocyma sororcula (fm)
Prasinocyma venata (m)
Prasinocyma venata (fm)
Prasinocyma indistincta (m)
Prasinocyma indistincta (fm)
Prasinocyma caeruleotincta (fm)
Prasinocyma convergens (m)
Prasinocyma oxybeles (m)
Prasinocyma phoenicogramma (m)
Prasinocyma rufimargo (m)
Protuliocnemis biplagiata (m)
Protuliocnemis biplagiata (fm)
Protuliocnemis partita (m)
Protuliocnemis partita (fm)
Spaniocentra gibbosa (m)
Spaniocentra gibbosa (fm)
Strepsichlora acutilunata (m)
Strepsichlora costipicta (m)
Strepsichlora inquinata (m)
Strepsichlora inquinata (fm)
Strepsichlora megaspila (m)
Strepsichlora megaspila (fm)
Strepsichlora nubifera (m)
Strepsichlora nubifera (fm)
Strepsichlora remissa (m)
Strepsichlora remissa (fm)
Tanaorhinus unipuncta unipuncta (m)
Tanaorhinus unipuncta unipuncta (fm)
Tanaorhinus unipuncta meforensis (m)
Remiformvalva rubellifrons (m)
Remiformvalva rubellifrons (fm)
Pelagodes flavifimbria (m)
Pelagodes flavifimbria (fm)
Thalassodes dorsilinea (m)
Thalassodes dorsilinea (fm)
Thalassodes dorsipunctata (m)
Thalassodes dorsipunctata (fm)
Thalassodes minor (m)
Thalassodes minor (fm)
Thalassodes pilaria (m)
Thalassodes pilaria (fm)
Thalassodes umbrimedia (m)
Thalassodes umbrimedia (fm)
Thalassodes curiosa (m)
Thalassodes curiosa (fm)
Thalassodes zebrata (m)
Thalassodes zebrata (fm)
Thalassodes interalbata (m)
Thalassodes interalbata (fm)
Thalassodes nivestrota (m)
Thalassodes nivestrota (fm)


updated on 28th August 2018