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The Emerald Moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos

Dysphania endoleuca Prout, 1917







STATUS: A rare species. Seems confined to western New Guinea. It is a perfect mimic with Praesos wollastoni Rothschild, 1915 but differs in the intensity and shape of the markings on the forewing and Dysphania endoleuca has a yellow head and collar, in P. wollastoni these are black.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Waigeo Island: Kamtabai; Misool Island; New Guinea: Hollandia, Momi (Arfak), Timika, Utakwa River. Details in gazetteer.


DATA SOURCES: BMNH, RMNH, Kristof Zyskowski.