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The Emerald Moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos

Gigantothea minor (Warren, 1906)

Note: The three Gigantothea species occurring in New Guinea are somewhat similar in appearance but there are some distinguishing characters which may help to identify the species. Gigantothea flavimargo is medium sized and has a relatively broad undulate orange fringe line and yellow fringes. The white transverse lines are thin and irregular, especially in the hindwing. Gigantothea gigas is larger than the other two, has the yellowish-white transverse lines straight in the forewing and smoothly curved in the hindwing. The orange and yellow fringe line and fringes are narrow and regular. Gigantothea minor is the smallest, has the often broad orange-yellow fringe line and fringes regular. The transverse line on both, fore and hindwing, is straight and can be thin to thick, usually white or bone-white. All three species have a white head and an orange dorsal abdominal line.







STATUS: Not a common species, but widely distributed.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: New Guinea: Fakfak, Mokwam, Ninay Valley, Nomnagihé, Sabron Camp (Cyclops), Timeepa, Walmak. Details in gazetteer.


DATA SOURCES: BMNH, RMNH, Sandra Lamberts, Gilbert Zakine, Joop Schaffers.