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The Emerald Moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos

Pingasa blanda (Pagenstecher, 1900)

acutangula Warren, 1903







STATUS: A common species. Its resting position is highly unusual and very conspicuous. It is the only Pingasa species which can spread its wings extremely separately foreward and backwards.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Waigeo Island: Camp Nok; New Guinea: Abmisibil, Base Camp (Utakwa River), Borme, Dotir, Humboldt Bay, Ifar, Jayapura, Keerom, Mabilabol, Modio, Mokndoma, Ninay Valley, Nomnagihé, Noordwijk, Oksibil, Rasiei, Sabron Camp (Cyclops), Sentani, Sibil, Sinimburu, Syoubri, Upper Setekwa River, Utakwa River, Walmak, Werba. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Papua New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Queensland (Australia).

DATA SOURCES: BMNH, KSP, RMNH, Remco Hofland, Siep Sinnema.