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The Emerald Moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos


Agathia pisina Butler, 1887

ssp. ampla Prout, 1911








STATUS: A common species, widely distributed in New Guinea. The species is sexual dimorph.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: New Guinea: Fakfak, Fyria River (Buruway District), Mt. Kunupi, Meni River (Arfak), Ninay Valley, Nomnagihé, Sabron Camp (Cyclops), Sinimburu, Tekai (Keerom district), Upper Setekwa River, Utakwa River, Wandammen Mts, waterfall (Cyclops Mts), Wembi. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Papua New Guinea, Queensland (Australia), Norfolk Islands.

DATA SOURCES: BMNH, RMNH, M. Thirnbeck, P.J. de Vries, G. Zakine.