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The Swallowtail Moths (Lepidoptera: Uraniidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Siep & Jannie Sinnema (Uraniinae, Microniinae) and Rob de Vos (Auzeinae, Epipleminae)

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The Uraniidae are in New Guinea represented by Uraniinae (24 species), Microniinae (12), Auzeinae (1) and Epipleminae (77).

Alcides agathyrsus (m)
Alcides agathyrsus (fm)
Alcides aruus (m)
Alcides aruus (fm)
Alcides orontes (m)
Alcides cydnus (m)
Alcides cydnus (fm)
Alcides metaurus (m)
Alcides metaurus (fm)
Cyphura (Cyphura) pardata
Cyphura (Cyphura) angusta
Cyphura (Cyphura) astrolabensis
Cyphura (Cyphura) mastrigti
Cyphura (Cyphura) caudiferaria
Cyphura (Cyphura) latimarginata
Cyphura (Cyphura) dilatata
Cyphura (Cyphura) laeensis
Cyphura (Cyphura) swinhoei
Cyphura (Cyphura) maxima
Cyphura (Cyphura) multistrigaria
Cyphura (Cyphura) semiobsoleta
Cyphura (Cyphura) geminia
Cyphura (Cyphura) aruensis
Cyphura (Cyphura) marcoi
Cyphura (Cyphura) numforensis
Cyphura (Xysterophora) albisecta (PNG)
Cyphura (Xysterophora) atramentaria (PNG)
Cyphura (Xysterophora) devosi (PNG)
Cyphura (Xysterophora) extensa
Cyphura (Xysterophora) femkeae
Cyphura (Xysterophora) semialba (PNG)
Cyphura (Xysterophora) urapteroides
Cyphura (Cyphura) trifasciata
Lyssa macleayi
Lyssa macleayi (verso)
Lyssa toxopeusi
Lyssa toxopeusi (verso)
Urapteroides astheniata
Acropteris basiguttaria (male)
Acropteris basiguttaria (female)
Acropteris inchoata (male)
Acropteris inchoata (female)
Acropteris teriadata (male)
Acropteris teriadata (female)
Acropteris nigroapicata (male)
Acropteris nigroapicata (female)
Acropteris nigroapicata (female)
Acropteris nigroapicata (female)
Acropteris pieridaria (male)
Acropteris puellaria (male)
Acropteris quadripunctata (male)
Acropteris quadripunctata (female)
Acropteris numforensis (male)
Micronia aculeata
Micronia justaria
Micronia zebrata
Strophidia directaria
Decetia dichromata (male)
Decetia dichromata (male)
Decetia dichromata (male)
Decetia dichromata (male)
Decetia dichromata (male)
Decetia dichromata (male)
Decetia dichromata (female)
Decetia dichromata (female)
Decetia dichromata (female)
Decetia dichromata (female)
Chaetoceras casbiata (m)
Chaetoceras casbiata (fm)
Chaetoceras facilis (m)

Chaetoceras facilis (fm)

Chaetoceras funesta (m)
Chaetoceras funesta (fm)
Chaetoceras funesta (fm)
Chaetoceras funesta (fm)
Chaetoceras strigulosata (m)
Chaetoceras strigulosata (fm)
Chaetoceras striolata (m)
Chaetoceras sulphurata (m)
Chaetoceras sulphurata (fm)
Chaetoceras taminata (m)
Chionoplema inquinata (fm)
Chundana assimilis (m)
Chundana assimilis (fm)
Chundana fulvilunata (m)
Dysaethria adornata (fm)
Dysaethria canibrunnea (m)
Dysaethria aequisecta (m)
Dysaethria aequisecta (m)
Dysaethria albidaria (m)
Dysaethria albidaria (fm)
Dysaethria foedicosta (m)
Dysaethria foedicosta (fm)
Dysaethria lilacina (m)
Dysaethria lilacina (fm)
Dysaethria conflictaria (m)
Dysaethria conflictaria (fm)
Dysaethria grisea (m)
Dysaethria indignaria (fm)
Dysaethria particolor (m)
Dysaethria particolor (fm)
Dysaethria curvilinea (fm)
Dysaethria spissata (m)
Dysaethria diversipennis (m)
Dysaethria diversipennis (fm)
Dysaethria amoena (m)
Dysaethria amoena (fm)
Dysaethria lacteata (m)
Dysaethria lacteata (fm)
Dysaethria candidaria (m)
Dysaethria candidaria (fm)
Dysaethria eupeplodes (m)
Dysaethria eupeplodes (fm)
Dysaethria bicolor (m)
Dysaethria wollastoni (m)
Dysaethria carmona (fm)
Dysaethria flexifascia (m)
Dysaethria sulcata (m)
Dysaethria sulcata (fm)
Dysaethria ambusta (m)
Dysaethria bipunctigera (fm)
Dysaethria coeruleodisca (m)
Dysaethria coeruleodisca (fm)
Dysaethria angulata (m)
Dysaethria coeruleotincta (m)
Dysaethria coeruleotincta (fm)
Dysaethria cinereella (m)
Dysaethria cinereella (fm)
Dysaethria detecta (m)
Dysaethria detecta (fm)
Dysaethria quadricaudata (m)
Dysaethria quadricaudata (fm)
Dysaethria sordida (m)
Dysaethria quadristrigata (fm)
Dysaethria urapterygia (fm)
Dysaethria vialactea (fm)
Europlema desistaria (m)
Europlema desistaria (fm)
Europlema nivosaria (m)
Gathynia nigella (m)
Gathynia nigella (fm)
Macrostylodes deformis (m)
Macrostylodes deformis (fm)
Monobolodes fuscibrunnea (m)
Monobolodes fuscibrunnea (fm)
Monobolodes nigrescens (m)
Monobolodes nigrescens (fm)
Monobolodes pernigrata (m)
Monobolodes pernigrata (fm)
Monobolodes rectifascia (m)
Monobolodes rectifascia (fm)
Monobolodes ustimacula (m)
Oroplema dealbata (m)
Oroplema dealbata (fm)
Paroecia acutepicta (m)
Phazaca alberta (fm)
Phazaca planimargo (m)
Phazaca planimargo (fm)
Phazaca albibasis (m)
Phazaca brunnea (m)
Phazaca corrasa (m)
Phazaca corrasa (fm)
Phazaca decorata (m)
Phazaca decorata (fm)
Phazaca albilinea (m)
Phazaca semicarnea (m)
Phazaca semicarnea (fm)
Phazaca caligata (m)
Phazaca caligata (fm)
Phazaca cyclocrossa (m)
Phazaca cyclocrossa (fm)
Phazaca erectinota (m)
Phazaca erectinota (fm)
Phazaca mutans (m)
Phazaca mutans (fm)
Phazaca configurata (fm)
Phazaca erosioides (m)
Phazaca erosioides (fm)
Platerosia albipennis (m)
Platerosia rotundipennis (m)
Pterotosoma bilineata (m)


last updated 2 May 2023