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About Papua

Papua is the western part of the island New Guinea and belongs politically to Indonesia. From 1828 till 1963 it was under control of The Netherlands as Dutch New Guinea. From 1963 the Indonesians first named it West Irian or Irian Barat. From 1973 it was named Irian Jaya and since 2000 it officially is named Papua. The part from the Birdshead Peninsula till East of Wandammen Peninsula is nowadays the Province of Papua Barat (West Papua), the eastern part till the PNG border is the Province of Papua.


Geography of Papua

The geography of Papua is dominated by several mountain ranges in the northern half and widely forested wetlands in the southern half. In the neighbourhood of large cities and villages the tropical rainforest is declining by logging, burning and polution, like everywhere in the tropics, but fortunately the island still is one of the most richest for what primary rainforest is concerned. Approximately about 70% of its surface is still untouched, and please let's preserve this treasure!

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