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Piet Zumkehr teaching about leafminers (Photo: Henk van Mastrigt, 2005)


Support us with protecting the rainforest in Papua

Help local students with their projects

Students in Papua are involved in our projects

For the benefit of the biology students in Papua in general and the nature conservation of their beautiful home land in particular we want to involve the local universities in our projects and activities. Students assist us with inventories, publishing and other research while finishing their study with a scription, lecture or report concerning the insects of Papua. Contributors of The Papua Insects Foundation help the students with information, theoretical and field knowledge. We noticed that they have the ambition and the skills to continue the projects almost independently. This means that our research in future hopefully gradually will be taken over by the local "new" scientists of Papua.

For this help we need your support! Financial possibilities for the students in Papua are very limited. Therefore:

Help local students with their projects

Biology students of the University of Cenderawasih, Waena

Time and money consuming activities


How can you support us?

Supporting us can be done in different ways:

A large variety of moths and other insects on the screen in Nipsan (Photo: Jaap Zwier, 2005)

If you are interested in supporting us with information, please contact Rob de Vos.

Spontanious gifts are very welcome and can be donated to the Papua Insects Foundation:

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It is without saying that your money will be spend carefully for the benefit of the Papuan nature preservation, with special interest for the insects. Donations above € 1500,- will be mentioned on this webpage and we will keep the donators informed about the progress in our research and the expenses made.

We thank you in advance for your support.

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