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Arfak Mountains and Doberai Peninsula plains

The Arfak Mountains are situated at the northeast side of the Birdshead Peninsula. The mountains are of a rather moderate altitude with peaks up to 2940 meters (Mount Mebo). It is amazing that nature is so wealthy and rather undisturbed in the vicinity of a big city like Manokwari. Moreover, at the very northwestern edge of the city is The Meja Reserve, a rather small National Park on top of Mount Meja ("Table Mountain"). Although there is high pressure on the protection of the surrounding nature by civilization (traffic, industry, logging), the Arfak Mountains are spared until now. With its rather steep mountain slopes and deep cloves it seems not interesting for industrial exploiration yet.

Most important cultivated areas are situated at the east coast of the Birdshead Peninsula. In the north the big city of Manokwari is settled, more south Andai, Warkapi, Oransbari and, at the southernmost point of the Arfak, Ransiki. Manokwari is the largest city in this area and is the second largest city of Papua and inhabits an university. Next in row at the east coast is Ransiki. It has a small industry and fishery harbour.

In the Central part of Doberai Peninsula, at the westside of the Arfak Mountains, the landscape is more flat and includes many marshes, slow running rivers and small ponds and lakes. It inhabits a rich fauna of water insects (dragonflies, beetles, a.o.).

At the edges of the mountain area we found some palm-oil plantages (near Andai and Prafi) and areas with secundairy forest, but somewhat deeper in the mountains are still wide areas of primary forest, where the flora and fauna is rather undisturbed. High in the mountains are the two Anggi Lakes, Gigi and Gita. The Arfak Mountains inhabit a very rich biodiversity for several fauna elements, like birds and insects, with many endemic species. It definitely needs to be protected as a nature reserve.

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