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The Goat Moths (Lepidoptera: Cossidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos

(dedicated to the late Dr. Pim Schoorl)




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Roepkiella cf. celebensis (male)
Xyleutes keyensis (male)
Xyleutes persona (male)
Xyleutes persona (female)
Xyleutes strix (male)
Xyleutes strix (female)
Chalcidica pallescens (male)
Chalcidica pallescens (female)
Zeuzera reticulata (foreleg)
Zeuzera roricyanea (foreleg)
Zeuzera caudata (male)
Zeuzera caudata (female)
Zeuzera reticulata (male)
Zeuzera reticulata (female)
Zeuzera roricyanea (male)
Zeuzera conferta (male)
Zeuzera conferta (female)
Zeuzera indica (male)
Zeuzera indica (female)
Duomitus ceramica (male)
Duomitus ceramica (female)
Skeletophyllon perdrix
Skeletophyllon kalinini (m)
Trismelasmos albicans (male)
Trismelasmos albicans (female)
Trismelasmos cinerosa (male)
Trismelasmos dejongi (male)
Trismelasmos elegans (male)
Trismelasmos elegans (female)
Trismelasmos jordani (male)
Trismelasmos mixta (male)
Trismelasmos minimus (male)
Trismelasmos minimus (female)
Trismelasmos valentini (male)
Trismelasmos snowensis (male)
Trismelasmos papuana (male)
Trismelasmos papuana (female)
Trismelasmos tectorius (male)
Trismelasmos papuasi (male)
Tarsozeuzera miklukhomaklayi (m)
Tarsozeuzera miklukhomaklayi (fm)


[last update on 5th September 2021]