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The Tigermoths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Arctiinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos


Thumbnail gallery Lithosiini (former Lithosiinae)

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This page is under construction. This means that at any time new species can be added. Please check this page now and then for more information

Monosyntaxis bimaculata (male)
Monosyntaxis bipunctata (male)
Monosyntaxis bipunctata (female)
Monosyntaxis arfakensis (m)
Monosyntaxis arfakensis (fm)
Monosyntaxis fojaensis (m)
Monosyntaxis fojaensis (fm)
Monosyntaxis honeyi (m)
Monosyntaxis honeyi (fm)
Monosyntaxis kobowrensis (m)
Monosyntaxis kobowrensis (fm)
Monosyntaxis kratkeensis (m)
Monosyntaxis persimilis (male)
Monosyntaxis persimilis (female)
Monosyntaxis postfuscata (fm)
Papuasyntaxis metallescens (male)
Papuasyntaxis metallescens (female)
Neosyntaxis warringtonella (male)
Neosyntaxis warringtonella (female)
Chrysoscota albomaculata (male)
Chrysoscota albomaculata (female)
Chrysoscota conjuncta (male)
Chrysoscota conjuncta (female)
Chrysoscota flavostrigata (female)
Chrysoscota vagivitta (male)
Chrysoscota vagivitta (female)
Chrysoscota vagivitta (female)
Oeonistis bicolora
Oeonistis bicolora (male)
Oeonistis bicolora (female)
Oeonistis bistrigata
Oeonistis bistrigata (male)
Oeonistis bistrigata (female)
Oeonistis delia (male)
Oeonistis delia (female)
Oeonosia aurifera (male)
Oeonosia aurifera (female)
Oeonosia pectinata (male)
Oeonosia pectinata (female)
Oeonosia longistriga
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia longistriga (male)
Oeonosia longistriga (female)
Oeonosia cruda (male)
Oeonosia cruda (female)
Oeonosia abenaho (male)
Semicalamidia owgarra (male)
Semicalamidia owgarra (female)
Semicalamidia owgarra f. castanea (female)
Striosia irrorata (male)
Striosia irrorata (female)
Poliosia umbra
Graphosia ochracea (female)
Graphosia ochracea (male)
Graphosia ochracea (female)
Graphosia approximans (male)
Graphosia phaeocraspis (male)
Graphosia bilineata (male)
Graphosia pachygramma (male)
Graphosia pachygramma (female)
Graphosia polylophota (male)
Graphosia polylophota (female)
Lambula aroa (male)
Lambula aroa (female)
Lambula bilineata (male)
Lambula bilineata (female)
Lambula bivittata (male)
Lambula bivittata (female)
Lambula buergersi (male)
Lambula buergersi (female)
Lambula castanea (male)
Lambula castanea (female)
Lambula flavobrunnea (male)
Lambula flavobrunnea (female)
Lambula flavogrisea (female)
Lambula hypopolius (male)
Lambula hypopolius (female)
Lambula laniafera (male)
Lambula laniafera (female)
Lambula plicata (male)
Lambula punctifer (male)
Lambula umbrina (male)
Lambula spec. (male)
Lambula spec. (female)
Lambula spec. (male)
Lambula spec. (male)
Lambula spec. (female)
Lambula spec. (female)
Lambula spec. (female)
Lambula spec. (female)
Lambula spec. (female)
Lambulodes albiterminalis (male)
Lambulodes albiterminalis (female)
Lambulodes brunneomarginata (male)
Lambulodes brunneomarginata (female)
Lambulodes sericea (male)
Lambulodes sericea (female)
Scoliosia brunnescens (male)
Hyposhada pellopis (male)
Teratopora agramma (male)
Teratopora agramma (female)
Teratopora haplodes (male)
Teratopora haplodes (female)
Teratopora meteura (male)
Teratopora unifascia (male)
Teratopora unifascia (female)
Blaviodes ochracea (male)
Scoliacma adriani (male)
Scoliacma adriani (female)
Scoliacma suzannae (male)
Scoliacma suzannae (female)
Scoliacma albicosta (female)
Scoliacma albogrisea (male)
Scoliacma aroa (male)
Scoliacma ligneofusca (female)
Scoliacma brunnea (male)
Scoliacma brunnea (female)
Scoliacma fuscofascia (male)
Scoliacma fuscofascia (female)
Scoliacma hampsoni (male)
Scoliacma hampsoni (female)
Scoliacma laniata (male)
Scoliacma laniata (female)
Scoliacma heringi (male)
Scoliacma heringi (female)
Scoliacma virginea (male)
Scoliacma virginea (female)
Scoliacma spec. (female)
Nishada impervia (male)
Nishada impervia (female)
Nishada impervia (female, verso)
Nishada niveola (male)
Nishada niveola (female)
Nishada niveola (female, verso)
Tigrioides angulata (female)
Tigrioides chionostola (male)
Tigrioides chionostola (female)
Tigrioides costaepunctata (male)
Tigrioides euschia (male)
Tigrioides griscescens (male)
Tigrioides griscescens (female)
Tigrioides inversa (male)
Tigrioides inversa (female)
Tigrioides schraderi (male)
Tigrioides schraderi (female)
Tigrioides spec. (male)
Tigrioides spec. (female)
Tigrioides spec. (male)
Tylanthes ptochias (male)
Tylanthes ptochias (female)
Teulisna bipunctata (male)

Teulisna bipunctata (female)

Eilema aurora (m)
Eilema aurora (fm)
Eilema fuscifrons (m)
Eilema fuscifrons (fm)
Eilema plana (m)
Eilema plana (m) verso
Eilema plana (fm)
Eilema testaceoflava (m)
Eilema testaceoflava (m) verso
Eilema testaceoflava (fm)
Eilema spec. (m)
Eilema spec. (m)
Eilema niveata (fm)
Brunia dorsalis (m)
Brunia dorsalis (fm)
Brunia ekeikei (m)
Brunia ekeikei (fm)
Brunia spec. (m)
Brunia spec. (m)
Brunia spec. (fm)
Cyana aroa (m)
Cyana aroa (fm)
Cyana brunnea (m)
Cyana brunnea (fm)
Cyana charybdis (m)
Cyana charybdis (fm)
Cyana fumea (m)
Cyana fumea (fm)
Cyana basialba (fm)
Cyana basialba (fm)
Cyana inusitata (m)
Cyana inusitata (fm)
Cyana nigroplagata (m)
Cyana nigroplagata (fm)
Cyana melanoplagia (m)
Cyana melanoplagia (fm)
Cyana melanoplagia (fm)
Cyana punctistrigosa (m)
Cyana transfasciata (m)
Cyana transfasciata (fm)
Cyana bicolor (m)
Cyana thoracica (m)
Cyana tegyra (m)
Cyana tegyra (fm)
Cyana metamelas (m)
Cyana metamelas (fm)
Cyana tricolora (m)
Cyana tricolora (fm)
Cyana trigona (m)
Cyana trigona (fm)
Diaconisia ochraceorufa (m)
Asuridia decussa (m)
Asuridia decussa (fm)
Asuridia dinawa (m)
Asuridia dinawa (fm)
Asuridia intensa (m)
Asuridia intensa (fm)
Asuridia nigrisparsa (fm)
Asuridia phoenicea novaguinensis (m)
Asuridia phoenicea novaguinensis (fm)
Asuridia rosacea (m)
Asuridia rosacea (fm)
Asuridia rutila (m)
Asuridia rutila (fm)
Melanaema sanguinea (m)
Melanaema sanguinea (fm)
Cyme anaemica (m)
Cyme asuroides (m)
Cyme asuroides (fm)
Cyme aroa (m)
Cyme aroa (fm)
Cyme biagi (m)
Cyme biagi (fm)
Cyme basitesselata (m)
Cyme citrinopuncta (m)
Cyme quadrilineata (fm)
Cyme coccineotermen (m)
Cyme coccineotermen (fm)
Cyme sexualis (m)
Cyme sexualis (fm)
Cyme miltochristaemorpha (m)
Cyme miltochristaemorpha (fm)
Cyme phryctopa (m)
Cyme phryctopa (fm)
Cyme pyraula (m)
Cyme pyraula (fm)
Cyme pyraula (m)
Cyme pyraula (fm)
Cyme pyrrhauloides (m)
Cyme pyrrhauloides (fm)
Cyme triangularis (m)
Cyme triangularis (fm)
Cyme reticulata (m) phenotype 1
Cyme reticulata (fm) phenotype 1
Cyme reticulata (fm) phenotype 1 (dark form)
Cyme reticulata (m) phenotype 2
Cyme reticulata (fm) phenotype 3
Cyme reticulata (fm) phenotype 2 (dark form)
Cyme suavis (m)
Cyme suavis (fm)
Cyme xantherythra (m)
Cyme xantherythra (fm)
Cyme wandammensae (m)
Cyme wandammensae (fm)



list updated on 16th May 2016