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The Hawkmoths (SPHINGIDAE, Macroglossinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Willem Hogenes


Gnathothlibus erotus (Cramer, 1777)

ssp. eras (Boisduval, 1832)

Taxonomical note

Some authors consider ssp. eras to be of species level. In that case both taxa, erotus and eras, have a parasympatric distribution. We consider both taxa to be conspecific thus being subspecies.




STATUS: Widely distributed from Java to Samoa and from the Philippines to Southeast Australia. In Papua quite common, mostly found in the Central Mountains.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Supiori: Nansfori; Biak: Marauw; New Guinea: Abmisibil, Ampas, Furu Camp (Foja Mts.), Genyem, Ilaga, Jayapura, Kaimana, Keerom River, Kaimana, Kloofbivak, Kouh, Langda, Mabilabol, Mapi (Asmat District), Merauke, Pass Valley, Sentani, Taritatu River, Ubrub, Walmak (Nipsan), Yuruf. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Eastern Sunda Islands (from Java eastward), Sulawesi, Moluccas, The Philippines, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, East Australia.

DATA SOURCES: KSP, RMNH. Literature (see below)







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