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The Tigermoths (Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos

Spilosoma dinawa (Bethune-Baker, 1904)

[Diacrisia dinawa Bethune-Baker, 1904] (lectotype and paralectotype: Dinawa and Aroa River, PNG, in BMNH)

Diacrisia dinava sensu Rothschild, 1914 [misspelling]
Spilosoma dinava sensu Hampson, 1920 [misspelling]
Diacrisia ochrifrons Joicey & Talbot, 1917
(holotype: Wandammen Mts., in BMNH)


The species is rather variable and sometimes is hard to distinguish from kebea. The position of the costal patches and the pale veins crossing the central field and the row of submarginal dots, however, are distinguishing characters. The hind margin with a row of dark dots in the fringes. The forewings can vary from pale yellowish brown (see picture at the top of this page) to almost chocolate brown (see below). In kebea the basal two third is usually dark brown and sharply defined without crossing pale veins.





STATUS: Rather common, but females are seldom seen. The species seems to prefer low and moderate altitudes.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: New Guinea: Arfak Mountains, Arso District, Borme, Cyclop Mountains, Fakfak, Genyem, Mt. Goliath (Gn. Yamin), Kobowre Mountains (Weyland Mts.), Landikma, Lelambo, Mt. Lina (Cyclops), Ninay Valley (Arfak), Nomnagihe (Wangaar), Pelepaga (Baliem Valley), Pukusum (Arso District), Utakwa River, Wandammen Mountains, Waris District, Wembi (Arso District). Details in gazetteer.


DATA SOURCES: BMNH, KSP, ZMAN. Literature (see below).




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