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The False Owlet Moths (Lepidoptera: Drepanidae, Thyatirinae) of Papua Indonesia

edited from G.M. Laszlo, G. Ronkay, L. Ronkay & Th. Witt

by Rob de Vos


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Thyatira delattini (m)
Thyatira delattini (fm)
Thyatira papuana (m)
Thyatira papuana (fm)
Habrona alboplagata (m)
Habrona brunnea (m)
Habrona brunnea (m)
Habrona brunnea (fm)
Habrona caerulescens (m)
Habrona concinna (m)
Habrona concinna (fm)
Habrona marmorata (m)
Habrona papuata (fm)



last updated 14th June 2021