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The Flower Wasps (Hymenoptera: Scoliidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Gerard G. M. Schulten (†)

Scoliidae are small to very large wasps with a worldwide distribution, the larvae of which develop as ectoparasitoids of scarabeoid beetle larvae. The genus Scolia was established by Fabricius in 1775. Since then many new genera, families and subfamilies were recognized. Argaman (1996) divided on good arguments the Scoliidae into four subfamilies: Proscoliinae, Colpinae, Campsomerinae and Scoliinae. The Proscoliinae are only known from Armenia, Greece and Turkey, representatives of the other subfamilies are widely distributed in the Palaearctic, Tropics and Subtropics. In Papua Indonesia only Campsomerinae and Scoliinae are found.

This page is under constant construction. This means that at any time new species can be added. Please check this page now and then for more information.

The checklist is based on all relevant literature and additional collection records.

Listed Papua species: 25 [6 endemic species and 3 endemic subspecies]



Trisciloa Gribodo, 1893

saussurei Gribodo, 1893

Radumeris Betrem, 1962

radula (Fabricius, 1775)
7-cincta Fabricius, 1775
sabulosa de Saussure, 1858
intrudens Smith, 1868
maculiceps Cameron, 1906

tasmaniensis (de Saussure, 1854)
ferox de Saussure, 1859
siebersi Betrem, 1928
rosenbergi Betrem, 1928

undescribed Genus 1

cameroni (Betrem, 1928) [endemic]

formosa (Guérin, 1835)
culta Smith, 1861
subopaca Turner, 1909
formosoides Betrem, 1928

undescribed Genus 2

microspatulata (Tuyn, 1961)

oresbios (Tuyn, 1961)
ssp. oresbios (Tuyn, 1961)
melanoxantha Tuyn, 1961

Laevicampsomeris Betrem, 1933

bonguensis (Betrem, 1933)
captiva sensu Betrem, 1928 nec Smith, 1861

nigerrima (Smith, 1861)
ambigua Smith, 1862

laglaizei (Betrem, 1928) [endemic]

quatei Krombein, 1968 [endemic]

Batalanga Argaman, 1996

loriae (Mantero, 1899)
ssp. loriae (Mantero 1899)
vankampeni Betrem, 1928

ferrugineipes (Mantero, 1899)
ssp. ferrugineipes (Mantero, 1899)
de-Meijerei Cameron, 1906

Hirtimeris Betrem, 1967

manokwariensis (Cameron, 1906)
ssp. manokwariensis (Cameron, 1906)
humboldti Cameron, 1906



Diliacos De Saussure & Sichel, 1864

glabrata (Micha, 1927)
ssp. glabrata (Micha, 1927)
violacea Lepeletier, 1845 (secondary homonym of Scolia violacea Panzer, 1799)
papuasiae Betrem, 1933

Liacos Guérin, 1839

analis (Fabricius, 1804)
ssp. pseudoerythrosoma (Micha, 1927) [endemic]

Turturayca Argaman, 1996

fulgidipennis (Smith, 1859)
dorycus Kirby, 1889.
splendipennis Micha, 1927

Murahutka Argaman, 1996

quadriceps (Smith, 1863)
ssp. quadriceps (Smith, 1863) [endemic]
larradiformis Smith, 1863

Sobolpiha Argaman, 1996

ribbei (Betrem, 1928)
ssp. stueberi Krombein, 1963 [endemic]

Carinoscolia Betrem, 1927

lorentzi (Cameron, 1911)
foveifrons Cameron, 1901

? Austroscolia Betrem, 1928

biakensis Krombein, 1963[endemic]

Molzinarda Argaman, 1996

nitida (Smith, 1858)
ssp. nitida (Smith, 1858)
cupreopennis Betrem, 1928

Bradleyella Krombein, 1963

vulsa Krombein, 1963 [endemic]

Microscolia Betrem, 1927

mandroni Betrem, 1928 [endemic]

Laeviscolia Betrem, 1928

frontalis de Saussure, 1854


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Last updated on 20th April 2008