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The Scoliidae species (Hymenoptera) of Papua Indonesia


Hirtimeris manokwariensis (Cameron, 1906)


ssp. manokwariensis (Cameron, 1906)
humboldti Cameron, 1906

Taxonomic notes

Argaman's (1996) key runs Campsomeris manokwariensis manokwariensis Cameron, 1906 to the genus Hirtimeris Betrem, 1967 or the genus Tetrasciton Argaman, 1996 without fully meeting the characteristics of either genus. The genitalia are very similar in both genera.

The key states that Tetrasciton was established by Betrem, 1927. Betrem, however, did not establish the genus Tetrasciton in 1927, neither in later publications. So this genus was established by Argaman in 1996.

According to couplet 86, males of Hirtimeris have the fifth tergite with black vestiture while in the genus Tetrasciton this vestiture is white. Males of manokwariensis have a white vestiture on the fifth tergite.

According to couplet 86, females of Hirtimeris have the scutellum, metanotum and mid dorsal area of the propodeum impunctate, polished and shining. The setae on the epipygium are very long, 2x diameter of anterior ocellus, and thin.
In Tetrasciton the scutellum, metanotum and central part of propodeum are fairly densely punctuate throughout. The epipygium has broad and relatively short setae, 1.5x diameter of anterior ocellus. The anterior ocellus in Tetrasciton is conspicuous small but normal in Hirtimeris.

Contrary to Argaman’s couplet 86, the scutellum and metanotum of H. hirticollis are largely impunctate and always have some or more punctures The mid dorsal area of propodeum is mostly impunctate but also may have some widely dispersed punctures. The scutellum, metanotum and central part of propodeum in manokwariensis have mostly some or more widely dispersed punctures, similar to H. hirticollis.

The setae on the epipygium of manokwariensis are similar to those of the genus Hirticollis; the anterior ocellus is of normal size.

Betrem (1967) placed manokwariensis in the Section Hirtimeris of the subgenus Campsomeriella. This section and subgenus were later given generic status.
Campsomeriella is an African/Palaearctic genus. Hirtimeris is an Asian genus.
Krombein, 1963, 1968 also placed manokwariensis in the genus Campsomeriella.



Betrem J.G., 1967. The natural groups of Campsomeriella Betrem, 1941 (Hym., Scoliidae). Entomologische Berichten, Amsterdam 27: 25-27.