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The Nolinae (Lepidoptera: Nolidae) of Papua Indonesia

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Austrocarea orthoscia (m)
Beara falcata (male)
Beara falcata (female)
Manoba albina (m)
Manoba albiplagiata (m)
Manoba divisa (m)
Manoba lactogrisea (m)
Manoba terminalis (m)
Acatapaustus basifusca (m)
Acatapaustus basifusca (fm)
Acatapaustus ekeikei (fm)
Meganola aroa (m)
Meganola atrinota (m)
Meganola basifusca (fm)
Meganola hemizona (m)
Meganola nigrobasalis (m)
Meganola nigrobasalis (fm)
Nola albescens (m)
Nola albescens (fm)
Nola bifascialis (m)
Nola bilineola (m)
Nola chionaecensis (fm)
Nola diagona (m)
Nola diagona (fm)
Nola diplogramma (fm)
Nola eugrapha (m)
Nola eugrapha (fm)
Nola fasciata (m)
Nola fasciata (fm)
Nola fuscibasis (m)
Nola grisescens (m)
Nola interrupta (m)
Nola irrorata (fm)
Nola obliqua (m)
Nola opalina (m)
Nola opalina (fm)
Nola semidolosa (m)
Nola semidolosa (fm)
Sarbena lignaria (male)
Sarbena lignaria (female)




last updated on 30th May 2014