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The Damselflies (Odonata: Zygoptera) of Papua Indonesia

by Vincent J. Kalkman

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Argiolestes amphistylus
Argiolestes ornatus (male)
Argiolestes ornatus (female)
Argiolestes sponsus
Drepanosticta cf clavata
Idiocnemis cf chloropleura
Lochmaeocnemis malacodora
Neurobasis australis
Neurobasis australis
Nososticta cf aurantiaca
Nososticta erythrura
Palaiargia charmosyna
Papuagrion prothoracale
Pseudagrion civicum
Rhinocypha tincta (male)
Rhinocypha tincta (female)
Xiphiagrion cyanomelas (copula)
Xiphiagrion cyanomelas (male)