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The Risobinae (Lepidoptera: Nolidae) of Papua Indonesia

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Risoba avola (male)
Risoba avola (female)
Risoba delicata (male)
Risoba delicata (female)
Risoba diphtheropsis (male)
Risoba diphtheropsis (female)
Risoba kebea (male)
Risoba kebea (female)
Risoba obstructa (male)
Risoba obstructa (female)
Risoba olivens (male)
Risoba olivens (female)
Risoba owgarra (male)
Risoba owgarra (female)
Risoba pratti (male)
Risoba pratti (female)
Risoba repugnans (male)
Risoba repugnans (female)
Risoba sticticata (male)
Risoba sticticata (female)
Risoba viridata (male)
Risoba viridata (female)
Timorodes blepharias (male)
Timorodes blepharias (female)


last updated on 11th June 2014