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The Dyopsinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos

Note: Just recently the large family Noctuidae has been revised by DNA analysis at higher taxonomic level (Zahiri et al, 2010) which resulted in a new arrangement of the traditional subfamilies within Noctuidae, Erebidae, Euteliidae and Nolidae. Former families as Lymantriidae and Arctiidae are now placed as subfamilies in the Erebidae! For the subfamily Pantheinae it resulted in a rearrangement of genera in Pantheinae s.s. and Dyopsinae. Although the DNA research at these taxa has not reached the end yet it has become clear that the new classification shows a more correct arrangement than the traditional one does. We follow the latest results.

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Arcte coerula (male)
Arcte coerula (female)
Arcte modesta (male)
Arcte modesta (female)
Belciana habroscia (male)
Belciana kenricki (male)
Belciana kenricki (female)
Belciana particolor (female)
Belciana pratti (male)
Belciana pratti (male)
Belciana serrata (female)
Belciana subserrata (male)
Cyclodes spectans (female)
Trisuloides papuensis (male)
Dyopsinae spec.



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