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The Fruit Piercer Moths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Calpinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos & Alberto Zilli

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Calpini - Ophiderini - Phyllodini - unassigned genera

tribus Calpini
Axiocteta babooni (male)
Axiocteta babooni (male)
Axiocteta babooni (male)
Axiocteta babooni (male)
Axiocteta flava (male) [PNG]
Axiocteta obliqua (male)
Axiocteta obliqua (female)
Axiocteta rufa (female)
Axiocteta turneri (male)
Axiocteta concolora (male)
Axiocteta concolora (female)
Calyptra minuticornis (male)
Calyptra minuticornis (female)
Oraesia argyrosigna (male)
Oraesia argyrosigna (female)
Plusiodonta multicolora (male)
Plusiodonta tripuncta (male)
Stygionyx montana (male)
tribus Ophiderini
Eudocima nigricilia (male)
Eudocima nigricilia (female)
Eudocima salaminia (male)
Eudocima materna (female)
Eudocima aurantia (male)
Eudocima aurantia (female)
Eudocima iridescens (male)
Eudocima iridescens (female)
Eudocima prolai (male)
Eudocima prolai (female)
Eudocima kuehni (male)
Eudocima kuehni (female)
Eudocima jordani (male)
Eudocima jordani (female)
Eudocima phalonia (male)
Eudocima phalonia (female)
Eudocima talboti (male)
Eudocima muscigera (male)
Eudocima muscigera (female)
Eudocima cocalus (male)
Eudocima cocalus (female)
tribus Phyllodini
Phyllodes conspicillator (male)
Phyllodes conspicillator (female)
Phyllodes diversipalpus (female)
Phyllodes imperialis (male)
Phyllodes imperialis (female)
Phyllodes imperialis (female)
Phyllodes imperialis (female)
tribus unassigned
Goniocraspedon aroa (male)
Ilyrgis concolor (male)
Ilyrgis concolor (male)
Ilyrgodes brunneata (male)
Ilyrgodes perfumida (male)
Schistorhynx argentistriga (male)
Synolulis diascia (female)
Synolula ekeikei (female)
Synolulis punctitorna (male)
Synolulis punctitorna (female)
Synolulis rhodinastis (male)
Synolulis rhodinastis (female)


updated on 17th December 2017