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The Hooktips (Lepidoptera: Drepanidae, Drepaninae) of Papua Indonesia

by Peter Mackey & Rob de Vos

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Amphitorna trogoptera (m)
Argodrepana auratifrons (fm)
Argodrepana denticulata (m)
Argodrepana marilo (fm)
Argodrepana verticata (m)
Argodrepana verticata (fm)
Argodrepana tenebra (m)
Argodrepana umbrosa (m)
Ausaris discipuncta (male)
Ausaris discipuncta (female)
Ausaris micacea (male)
Ausaris micacea (female)
Ausaris morosa (male)
Ausaris morosa (female)
Ausaris morosa (female)
Ausaris saucia (male)
Ausaris saucia (female)
Ausaris superba (male)
Ausaris superba (female)
Canucha curvaria (male)
Canucha curvaria (female)
Hyalospectra grisea (m)
Hyalospectra grisea (fm)
Astatochroa sulphurata (m)
Oreta jaspidea (male)
Oreta jaspidea (male)
Oreta jaspidea (female)
Oreta jaspidea (female)
Oreta perfida (male)
Oreta perfida (male)
Oreta singapura (male)
Oreta singapura (female)
Oreta subvinosa (male)
Oreta subvinosa (female)
Oreta unilinea (male)
Oreta unilinea (female)
Tridrepana examplata (male)
Tridrepana examplata (female)
Tridrepana lunulata (male)
Tridrepana lunulata (female)
Tridrepana lunulata f. fasciata (male)
Tridrepana mediata (male)
Tridrepana melliflua (male)
Tridrepana obliquitaenia (male)
Tridrepana olivacea (male)
Tridrepana olivacea (female)
Tridrepana sera (male)
Tridrepana sera (female)
Urogonodes macrura (male)
Urogonodes macrura (female)
Urogonodes patiens (male)
Teldenia inanis (male)
Teldenia inanis (female)
Teldenia nigrinotata (male)
Teldenia nigrinotata (female)
Teldenia seriata (male)
Teldenia seriata (female)
Teldenia strigosa (male)
Teldenia strigosa (female)
Teldenia specca (male)
Teldenia unistrigata (male)


last updated 23 November 2021