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Alucita argyrospodia (Diakonoff, 1954), at light in Walmak in 2008 (Jayawijaya Mountains)

The Many-plumed Moths (Lepidoptera: Alucitidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Cees Gielis

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Alucita abenahoensis
Alucita anticoma
Alucita aramsolkiensis
Alucita argyrospodia
Alucita baliochlora
Alucita deboeri
Alucita dejongi
Alucita devosi
Alucita eteoxantha
Alucita eudasys
Alucita lackneri
Alucita mabilabolensis
Alucita manneringi
Alucita micrographa
Alucita niphadosema
Alucita nipsana
Alucita ochraspis
Alucita ochrobasalis
Alucita papuaensis
Alucita rutteni
Alucita semophantis
Alucita vanmastrigti
Alucita walmakiensis
Alucita wamenaensis
Alucita withaari
Alucita xanthozona
Alucita zumkehri
Alucita zwieri
Hebdomactis crystallodes
Triscaedecia septemdactyla