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The Scavenger Beetles (Coleoptera: Hybosoridae) of Papua Indonesia

by Alberto Ballerio



Listed New Guinea species: 23 [21 endemic for New Guinea]

The Hybosoridae are in New Guinea represented by the following subfamilies: Ceratocanthinae, Hybosorinae, and Liparochrinae.
(For practical reasons all New Guinea species are listed. As soon as more distributional information comes available the list will be restricted to real Papua species)


Cyphopisthes Gestro, 1899

amphicyllis (Sharp, 1875) [endemic]

szentivanyi (Paulian, 1973) [endemic]

Macrophilharmostes Paulian, 1978

major (Paulian, 1975) [endemic]

Madrasostes Paulian, 1975

granulatum (Paulian, 1975) [endemic]

Oxymorostes Ballerio 2009

riedeli Ballerio, 2009 [endemic]

Perignamptus Harold, 1877

carinipennis Gestro, 1899 [endemic]

loriae Gestro, 1899 [endemic]

rossi Paulian, 1978 [endemic]

sharpi Harold, 1877 [endemic]

Pterorthochaetes Gestro, 1899

brevis (Sharp, 1875) [endemic]
byrrhoides Westwood, 1883

cribricollis Gestro, 1899

laxepunctatus Paulian, 1973 [endemic]


Phaeochrous Laporte,1840

emarginatus Laporte, 1840
ssp. emarginatus Laporte, 1840
hirtipes (MacLeay, 1864)
alternatus Fairmaire, 1879
asiaticus Lewis, 1896
pallidus Arrow, 1909
celebensis Pic, 1928
perroudi Pic, 1943
gracilis Petrovitz, 1975
ssp. benderitteri Pic, 1928 [endemic]
rugosicollis Benderitter, 1913
celebensis var. ruficeps Pic, 1928

portuum Kuijten, 1978 [endemic]


Liparochrus Erichson, 1848
Sg. Liparochrus Erichson, 1848

crassicollis Arrow, 1925 [endemic]

dolium Heller, 1912 [endemic]

dux Arrow, 1909 [endemic]

krikkeni Paulian, 1980 [endemic]

papuus Lansberge, 1885 [endemic]
alternatus Macleay, 1886
ciliboides Harold, 1875

Sg. Parolichrus Allsopp, 1982

ingens Felsch, 1909 [endemic]
ingenti Heller, 1912

lugubris Arrow, 1925 [endemic]

Sg. Paulichrus Allsopp, 1982

irianae Paulian, 1980 [endemic]

modestus Paulian, 1980 [endemic]


(Checklist last updated on 27th July 2009)


Ballerio, A., 2009 . Unusual morphology in a new genus and species of Ceratocanthinae from New Guinea (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Hybosoridae). The Coleopterists Bulletin 63(1): 44–53.