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The Leaf-rolling Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea, Attelabidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Alexander Riedel

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Euops arfakensis
Euops biru
Euops breyniae
Euops coelestinus
Euops cupreosplendens
Euops deceptus
Euops doertheae
Euops gladiator
Euops illegalovi
Euops japensis
Euops lani
Euops mysolensis
Euops oops oops
Euops paratibialis
Euops paraviridiceps
Euops piceus
Euops punctaticeps
Euops ratcliffei
Euops reticulatus
Euops similis
Euops swartensis
Euops viridiceps
Euops vulgaris
Euops waigeoensis
Euops wapogae



last update on 29th August 2012