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Calomera durvillei (Dejean, 1831) in Nengke (Sarmi District)




The Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Peter Schüle

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Calomera durvillei
Cylindera froggatti
Guineica tetrachoides
Leptognatha longipenis
Leptognatha occidentalis
Leptognatha occidentalis
Leptognatha rivalieri
Leptognatha robusta
Leptognatha spinilabris (male) Leptognatha spinilabris (female)
Leptognatha viridithoracica
Orthocindela angustecincta
Polyrhanis dabraensis (male)
Polyrhanis dabraensis (female)
Polyrhanis ancorifera
Polyrhanis arfakensis
Polyrhanis barbata
Polyrhanis boisduvali
Polyrhanis funerata
Polyrhanis holgeri
Polyrhanis klynstrai
Polyrhanis korupuncola
Polyrhanis riedeli
Therates basalis
Therates basalis misoriensis
Therates cheesmanae
Therates festivus
Tricondyla aptera