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The Star Mountains Expedition (1959)

The expedition to the Star Mountains ("Sterrengebergte") in the eastern part of Papua's Central Mountain Range took place on initiative of Professor Dr. Ir. F.A. Vening Meinesz, in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Geographic Society (KNAG) and the Company for Scientific Research in the Tropics.

After suffering a lot of set-backs during the preparations, which costs a lot of time, the expedition actually starts in the beginning of 1959. They explored the wide surroundings of Mabilabol (Oksibil) in the Dutch Star Mountains.

Insects, collected during this expedition, are in the National History Museum in Leiden (Naturalis, RMNH). In the few years hereafter till 1963 the Dutch had a biology station in Mabilabol. Insects collected in that period are in the Zoological Museum of Amsterdam (ZMAN), mainly collected by Dr. R.T. Simon-Thomas.


Members of the expedition

Many people, scientists and others, took place in this expedition. We mention the most important ones:

The wide surroundings of Mabilabol in the Star Mountains (from: Brongersma & Venema, 1960)

Some important sites

Further detailed information can be found in the comprehensive report in "Het witte hart van Nieuw-Guinea" by L.D. Brongersma & G.F. Venema (1960).