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The Third Archbold Expedition (1938-1939)

The third American-Dutch expedition to the interior of Dutch New Guinea in 1938 and 1939 was financed by the wealthy oil magnate Richard Archbold. It was the first of the Archbold Expeditions in which insect collecting took an important place. Most of the collected material is stored in the National History Museum (Naturalis) in Leiden (RMNH). The expedition was lead by L.J. Toxopeus.

A list of the visited places is published by Toxopeus (1940) in Treubia 17: 271-275 ("Nederlandsch-Indisch Amerikaansche Expeditie naar Nederlandsch Nieuw-Guinea, 3e Archbold-expeditie naar Nieuw Guinea 1938-'39").



List of collecting stations

The route and stations of the 3rd Archbold Expedition (from: Toxopeus, 1940)