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The Bagworm Moths (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Thomas Sobczyk



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Metura spec. (bag)
Metura spec. (caterpillar out of bag)
Metura spec. (caterpillar head)
Metura spec. (bags)
Metura spec. (male)
Dappula tertia (male)
Eumeta layardii (male)
Eumeta layardii (male)
Eumeta variegata (male)
Eumeta variegata (male)
Cryptothelea fuscescens (bag)
Cryptothelea fuscescens (male)
Claniades ekeikei (bag)
Claniades ekeikei (male)
Mahasena corbetti (male)
Acanthopsyche diaphana (male)
Acanthopsyche lemkaminensis (male)
Amatissa mussauensis (male)
Amatissa insularia (male)
Pseudoclania dinawaensis (male)
Hyalinaria fuscibasis (m)
Hyalinaria fuscibasis (m)
Narycia neglicata (male)
Pseudarbela aurea (male)
Pseudarbela celaena (male)
Pseudarbela spec. (male)
Psyche dyaulensis (male)
unidentified specimens

[update on 4th November 2017]