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The Chloephorinae, Sarrothripini (Lepidoptera: Nolidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos


Selepa geraea (Hampson, 1905)






STATUS: This species is restricted to New Guinea and Northern Australia but it is closely allied to Selepa circulella (Walker, 1866) from Queensland. Research must reveal if both are conspecific or not. The subfamily status of Selepa is also still uncertain, some place it in Collomeninae but we consider the Chloephorinae, Sarrothripini more to be its place.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Waigeo Island: Camp Nok. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Northern Territory & Queensland (Australia).

DATA SOURCES: BMNH. Literature: Holloway, 2003.







Holloway, J.D., 2003. Moths of Borneo, Nolidae: 279 pp.