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The eggars, snout moths or lappet moths (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Vadim Zolotuhin

Although New Guinea and Australia were joined historically not long ago and their faunas have significant similarity, the lasiocampid fauna of both are very distinct. 20 species of the Lasiocampidae were described from New Guinea; this number will soon be corrected because at least 6 new species will shortly be described and 3 new synonyms will be established. Almost all species are endemics except for one (Porela cinerea), and 5 of the 7 genera inhabit New Guinea (Isostigena, Pararguda, Sporostigena, Pseudophyllodes and a new one for “Taragamaproserpina) are also endemic. Large, active flying members of the 6th genus Cyclophragma are known also from Australia. The presence of one Isostigena species on Sumatra (1 male in ZSM, Munich) and the discovery of the “Taragamaproserpina Bethune-Baker, 1904 from Java (Roepke, 1953) are surely due to mislabeling or occasional introduced with a transport. Porela cinerea is probably a relict of the Australian fauna caused by the last Ice Age. All genera are very characteristic and can’t be linked with any Oriental genus (the Javanese Voracia is the only exception related to the Isostigena–Sporostigena lineage) but all genera are related with Australian ones and therefore the lasiocampid fauna of New Guinea has its origin in common with these.
The checklist is preliminary, with mostly original combinations given, and strongly needs further study (in prep.).

Listed New Guinea species: 21 (20 endemic to New Guinea)

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Cyclophragma Turner, 1911

centralistrigata Bethune-Baker, 1904

leucosticta Grünberg, 1913

Isostigena Bethune-Baker, 1904

bicellata Bethune-Baker, 1904

Pararguda Bethune-Baker, 1908

aroa Bethune-Baker, 1904

melanacra (Joicey & Talbot, 1917)

ninayi Bethune-Baker, 1916

pallens Bethune-Baker, 1908

pratti Bethune-Baker, 1904

rufa Bethune-Baker, 1908

Porela Walker, 1855

cinerea (Boisduval, 1832)

Pseudophyllodes Bethune-Baker, 1910

babooni Bethune-Baker, 1908

castanea Joicey & Talbot, 1917

dinawa Bethune-Baker, 1904

hades Bethune-Baker, 1908

mafala Bethune-Baker, 1908

melanospilotus Joicey & Talbot, 1917

nigrostrigata Bethune-Baker, 1910

purpureocastanea Rothschild, 1916

rubiginea Bethune-Baker, 1904

Sporostigena Bethune-Baker, 1904

ninayi Bethune-Baker, 1916

trilineata Joicey & Talbot, 1916

uniformis Bethune-Baker, 1904

‘Taragama’ [genus in revision]

proserpina Bethune-Backer, 1904

[last update on 1st October 2012]