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The Leaf Blotch Miner moths (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Merel M. van Haren

The checklist is based on all relevant literature and additional collection records. Species in grey are found in Papua New Guinea but not yet in Papua.

Listed Papua species: 15



Acrocercops Wallengren, 1881

argentigera Diakonoff, 1955

heptadrachma Diakonoff, 1955

patellata Meyrick, 1921

petalopa Meyrick, 1934

Conopomorpha Meyrick, 1885

cramerella (Snellen, 1904)


Caloptilia Hübner, 1825

callicirrha (Meyrick, 1924)

euhelia Diakonoff, 1955

fera Triberti, 1989

pentaphylactis (Meyrick, 1938)

tmetica Diakonoff, 1955

staintoni (Wollaston, 1858) [?, to be verified]


Cryptolectica Vari, 1961

monodecta (Meyrick, 1912)

Epicephala Meyrick, 1880

ancylopa Meyrick, 1918

colymbetella Meyrick, 1880

periplecta (Diakonoff, 1955)


Eteoryctis Kumata & Kuroko, 1988

gemoniella (Stainton, 1862)


Guttigera Diakonoff, 1955

rhythmica Diakonoff, 1955

albicaput Diakonoff, 1955


Hypectopa Diakonoff, 1955

ornithograpta Diakonoff, 1955


Macarostola Meyrick, 1907

ceryx (Diakonoff, 1955)


updated on 7th May 2014


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