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The Euteliinae (Lepidoptera: Stictopterinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos


Stictoptera macromma Snellen, 1880

striata Hampson, 1894
atrifera Hampson, 1912
ochrota Hampson, 1912
polysticta Prout, 1924


Stictoptera macromma is very similar in size and appearance to ferrifera but there are some important different characters. Most distinguishing is the antemedian transverse line which is angled in the middle in macromma while in ferrifera this line is oblique without a strong angle. The fringe line is broken in straight stripes, while in ferrifera these stripes are lunular. The hindwing is as in ferrifera, with a rather narrow dark margin.









STATUS: A common species and extremely variable, it seems less common than ferrifera. An important distinguishing character with ferrifera is the in the middle angled antemedian transverse line which is not angled in ferrifera. Widely distributed in Indo-Australia. It is mostly found in mountainous areas.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Waigeo Island: Camp Nok; Roon Island: Yende; New Guinea: Abmisibil, Bilogai, Bivak 39a (Star Mts Expedition 1959), Borme, Mt. Goliath, Lake Habbema, Hollandia (Jayapura), Ifar, Keerom, Mt. Kunupi, Langda, Lelambo, Mabilabol, Moanemani, Mokwam, Ninay Valley, Pass Valley, Sibil, Ubrub, Uskwar, Utakwa River, Walmak. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Indo-Australian region, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu.

DATA SOURCES: BMNH, KSP, RMNH. Literature: Holloway (1985)