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The true silk moths (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Vadim Zolotuhin

A rather innumerous group represented in New Guinea by only 2 endemic genera with about 10 valid species; some more species are at yet undescribed. Formerly being confused, now they are recognized as two separate genera from which Elachiophthalma lacks sexual dimorphism whereas Calapterote shows a very prominent one. It is impossible to match both sexes in Calapterote without rearing or molecular analysis. Four species were described based on male specimens and another five (with 11 names introduced; most are recognized here to be synonyms) are based on females; no pairs are known!
The list is preliminary, with very suspect combinations given, and strongly needs further study (in preparation).

Listed New Guinea species: at least 11 (to 16) (11-16 endemic to New Guinea)

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Elachyophthalma Felder, 1861
Laganda Walker, 1865

acuminalba (van Eecke, 1924) comb. nov.

aroa (Bethune-Baker, 1904)
semicostalis Rothschild, 1920

bicolor Bethune-Baker, 1904

cotanoides Rothschild, 1920
??mimiocotana Rothschild, 1920

infraluteola Rothschild, 1920

picaria Walker, 1865
melanoleuca Rothschild, 1920
quadrimaculata van Eecke, 1924

tricolor Felder, 1861

Calapterote Holland, 1900
Diversosexus Bethune-Baker, 1904

after males described

doreyana (Rothschild, 1920)

fergussoni (Rothschild, 1920)

goliathina (Rothschild, 1920)

insularum (Rothschild, 1920)

after females described

flava (Joicey & Talbot, 1915)

flavolivacea (Rothschild, 1916)

inturbida (Walker, 1865)
megaxantha (Walker, 1866)
butleri Holland, 1900
lutosa (Grünberg, 1914)
keiensis (Rothschild, 1920)

kebeae (Bethune-Baker, 1904)
dohertyi (Rothschild, 1920)
flava (van Eecke, 1924)

meeki (Rothschild, 1920)

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