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The Seed Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea, Apionidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Alexander Riedel

edited from (and with permission of) Gregory P. Setliff

The Apionidae are in Papua Indonesia represented by 8 species [6 endemic species in Papua Indonesia]



Papuapion Korotyaev, 1987

sculpturatum (Faust, 1899)



Alissapion Wanat, 2001

ibaense Wanat, 2001 [endemic]

Allonotapion Wanat, 2001

bommelense Wanat, 2001 [endemic]

Apionocybus Wanat, 2001

nigricollis (Heller, 1901)

Ithyocybus Wanat, 2001

bilogayensis Wanat, 2001 [endemic]

Notapion Zimmerman, 1994

riedeli Wanat, 2001 [endemic]

Schismataion Wanat, 2001

tetahoense Wanat, 2001 [endemic]

Tapinocybus Wanat, 2001

sinakiensis Wanat, 2001 [endemic]

[list updated on 3rd October 2010]


Setliff, G.P., 2007. Annotated checklist of weevils from the Papuan region (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea). Zootaxa 1536: 1-296.