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The Tigermoths (Erebidae, Arctiinae, Lithosiini) of Papua Indonesia

by Rob de Vos

Lambula hypopolius Rothschild, 1916

[Lambula hypopolius Rothschild, 1916] [holotype: Dampier Island [= Karkar], PNG, in BMNH]

tetrastigmata Rothschild, 1916






STATUS: A locally common species from lowlands with a peculiar distribution pattern. The type locality is Karkar Island, East of PNG. Furthermore only few localities at the coastline of North New Guinea are known, from PNG to Batanta Island in the West and some on Onin Peninsula.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Batanta Island; New Guinea: Huri-Mber, Warkapi, Warmare Dua, Werba. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Papua New Guinea, Karkar Island.

DATA SOURCES: BMNH, RMNH, ZMHB. Literature (see below).







Rothschild, L.W., 1916. On the Lepidoptera in the Tring Museum sent by Mr. A.S. Meek from the Admiralty Islands, Dampier and Vulcan Islands. Novitates Zoologicae 23(3): 319-334.
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